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    27 Things Only True Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Fans Will Remember

    "If it's up to me, you'll R.S.V.P!"

    1. The feeling of receiving your fan club kit in the mail:

    Mary-Kate and Ashley / Via

    2. Reading this very important debut issue of Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine: / Via E-Bay

    I would give anything to be at Aaron Carter's party with them...

    3. Learning about the twins in this authorized biography that they totally wrote themselves without a ghostwriter or anything:

    Harper Entertainment / Via Amazon

    4. Playing with these dolls that didn't *really* look like MK&A but it didn't matter because the outfits were A+ and you wanted Ashley's tiny platform Barbie shoes:

    Mattel / Via

    5. Spritzing yourself with these perfect scents and imagining you smelled JUST like the twins:

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Brand / Via Amazon

    6. Shopping their Wal-Mart fashion line, which featured REAL FASHION FOR REAL GIRLS, okay?!

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Brand / Via

    7. Reading their entire life story in this collector's item:

    Bauer Publishing / Via$_35.JPG

    8. Browsing the World Wide Web for some very important news:

    9. Freaking out when both Mary-Kate and Ashley appeared on Full House at the same time:


    10. And reading up on the most important character on the damn show:

    Scholastic / Via

    11. Honestly being low-key scared of this movie:

    Dualstar Video / Via Amazon

    12. Knowing MK&A did the whole "parent trap" thing before Lindsay Lohan was even a thing:

    Warner Brothers / Via Amazon

    13. Scoring invites to the greatest parties of all time:

    DualStar Video / Via

    14. Solving extremely important mysteries:

    DualStar Video

    15. Wishing you were literally this cool to the max:

    DualStar Video

    16. Traveling all around the damn world and living vicariously through their pre-teen romances:

    DualStar video
    DualStar Video
    DualStar video

    17. Watching the best TV show of all time:

    Peter Tangen / ABC

    18. And the second best... a little Fox Family original series called So Little Time:

    19. Then reading the book versions of both, because honestly why NOT?


    20. Even watching their animated series because cartoon Mary-Kate and Ashley were cooler than you would ever be:


    21. Listening to Cool Yule for some holiday cheer:

    DualStar Records / Via Amazon

    22. Or some of their other GREATEST HITS instead...

    DualStar Records / Via Amazon

    23. Popping this bad boy into your Game Boy...

    Nintendo / Via

    24. Or this one...

    Nintendo / Via Amazon

    25. Or this very convenient way to keep track of your very busy schedule:

    Nintendo / Via Amazon

    26. Never wanting to drink milk more in your entire life:

    Milk / Via

    27. And finally just wishing so hard that you had a twin because it seemed like the greatest thing of all time:

    Warner Brothers / Via

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