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    27 Things Only True Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Fans Will Remember

    "If it's up to me, you'll R.S.V.P!"

    1. The feeling of receiving your fan club kit in the mail:

    2. Reading this very important debut issue of Mary-Kate and Ashley magazine:

    3. Learning about the twins in this authorized biography that they totally wrote themselves without a ghostwriter or anything:

    4. Playing with these dolls that didn't *really* look like MK&A but it didn't matter because the outfits were A+ and you wanted Ashley's tiny platform Barbie shoes:

    5. Spritzing yourself with these perfect scents and imagining you smelled JUST like the twins:

    6. Shopping their Wal-Mart fashion line, which featured REAL FASHION FOR REAL GIRLS, okay?!

    7. Reading their entire life story in this collector's item:

    8. Browsing the World Wide Web for some very important news:

    9. Freaking out when both Mary-Kate and Ashley appeared on Full House at the same time:

    10. And reading up on the most important character on the damn show:

    11. Honestly being low-key scared of this movie:

    12. Knowing MK&A did the whole "parent trap" thing before Lindsay Lohan was even a thing:

    13. Scoring invites to the greatest parties of all time:

    14. Solving extremely important mysteries:

    15. Wishing you were literally this cool to the max:

    16. Traveling all around the damn world and living vicariously through their pre-teen romances:

    17. Watching the best TV show of all time:

    18. And the second best... a little Fox Family original series called So Little Time:

    19. Then reading the book versions of both, because honestly why NOT?

    20. Even watching their animated series because cartoon Mary-Kate and Ashley were cooler than you would ever be:

    21. Listening to Cool Yule for some holiday cheer:

    22. Or some of their other GREATEST HITS instead...

    23. Popping this bad boy into your Game Boy...

    24. Or this one...

    25. Or this very convenient way to keep track of your very busy schedule:

    26. Never wanting to drink milk more in your entire life:

    27. And finally just wishing so hard that you had a twin because it seemed like the greatest thing of all time: