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    Posted on Dec 20, 2017

    These Tweets About Mindy Kaling's Baby News Are So Freakin' Relatable

    "Officially the middle finger to the patriarchy 2017 needed."

    It's official — Mindy Kaling is having one hell of a week. She's on the cover of Time Magazine, the *iconic* Ocean's 8 trailer came out, and... oh yeah, she reportedly gave birth to a baby girl and named her Katherine Kaling.

    Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

    Naturally, people are freaking out over the news:


    Mindy Kaling having her baby cured my depression and my hangover.

    I’m already jealous of Mindy Kaling’s daughter.

    And it's THE ONLY thing they can talk about right now:

    I am having 3 separate conversations about Mindy Kaling having her baby ... which tells you everything you need to know my personality

    Slowly weeding people off my gift giving list based on their response to my prompt about Mindy Kaling’s daughter.

    People are obsessed with Mindy's name choice...

    Omg Katherine Kaling is like the best name of all time 😭😭 so happy for one of my all time faves 💞

    ...but also kinda wondering why she didn't go with these other options:

    mindy kaling didn’t name her baby jennifer hudson usher, but she did name her katherine, so i’m still crying

    Why @mindykaling didn't name her baby Beyonce Pad Thai is still beyond me

    Some are speculating about the inspiration behind the name Katherine in the first place:

    omg Mindy Kaling's daughter's name is Katherine Kaling which sounds VERY similar to a certain Zabar's shopping, sma…

    lil Katherine Kaling is honestly the luckiest kid with the coolest mom. Also I see you, Kardashian fan Mindy with t…

    ...while others are more obsessed with her LAST NAME:

    Mindy Kaling's daughter having her last name is officially the middle finger to the patriarchy that 2017 needed.

    Some kind people are already giving Mindy parenting advice:

    Dear @mindykaling, I’ve had this same birthday for 42 years. Here’s a quick user’s guide: 1. Don’t let people give…

    ...while others have suggestions for her now that she'll hopefully have some more free time:

    Congrats @mindykaling, now you can start writing the office revival

    *prays that mindy kaling pivots to mommy blogging and gives us all the parenting memoir we deserve*

    Of course, news like this always brings up *rumors*:

    the rumours are true. I am officially mindy kaling’s daughter. mom!!!

    Not to be dramatic but if BJ Novak isn’t the father of Mindy Kaling’s baby I will shatter a window.

    But for the most part, people are just openly celebrating Mindy...

    Mindy Kaling has been killing it non-stop lately and she just had her baby. Who run the world?

    ...because she's fucking killing it, of course:

    @TIME @Oprah What I'm saying is, @mindykaling is better than any man.

    Congrats, Mindy!


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