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    There Are Four Women Named Lauren On "The Bachelor" This Year And People Can't Stop Laughing

    "YOU get a Lauren, YOU get a Lauren..."

    Another year, another season of The Bachelor. It's friggin' Janu-ARIE, kids!

    TONIGHT is the night! It’s finally JanuArie and I’m so excited to share my journey with all of you. #TheBachelor

    Followed by Febru-ARIE, M-ARIE-ch, ARIEpril, etc...

    Anyways, of course a lot of things happened, like limo entrances, a first kiss, and the *first impression rose* — but I'm not gonna talk about any of that right now.

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    Because clearly the most important thing that we need to talk about is that there are LITERALLY four Laurens on the show this season:


    SPOILER: It's technically three now because one of the Laurens doesn't make it past the first night.

    Of course, Twitter had lots of funny reactions to the Laurens:

    The Bachelor, also called “OH MY GOD YOURE LAUREN TOO!!?” #thebachelor

    All these Lauren’s showing up to the bachelor house like no I’m Lauren no I’m lauren

    the laurens when another lauren walks into the house #TheBachelor

    It was a little bit *freaky* tbh:

    There are way too many Lauren's on The Bachelor and it's honestly freaking me out.

    Some Laurens felt left out...

    Feeling personally victimized The Bachelor didn’t cast me as the fifth Lauren

    ...and others were just kinda confused:

    2018 is completely confusing confusing: who's Logan Paul? Are we at war with Pakistan/Iran? Am I one of the "Lauren…

    I mean, it was really, really difficult to tell any of them apart, especially since they all basically had the same job, too:

    Welcome to the #Bachelor , there's 29 girls and they're all real estate agents named Lauren

    4 Lauren’s and 17 real estate agents walk into the bachelor mansion..... #thebachelor

    The moral of the story? There's plenty of Laurens for everyone!!!!


    And here's a brilliant pitch for next season:

    How fucking GOOD would a season of #TheBachelor be where all the girls are named "Lauren"?!

    Can't wait for yet another riveting season!


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