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    Updated on Jul 25, 2018. Posted on Jul 25, 2018

    The "Younger" Episode Of My Dreams Happened Last Night And I'm Grinning Like An Idiot


    Wow, you guys. JUST WOW. I quite literally just finished this week's episode of Younger and I'm grinning like a damn idiot and couldn't do anything else until I put my feelings into words, so HELLO.

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    It goes without saying that this post CONTAINS SPOILERS for the most recent episode of Younger, so I HIGHLY suggest you drop everything and go watch it now. YOUR BOSS WILL UNDERSTAND! (Maybe? IDK! I don't wanna get you fired!)

    I'll admit, I hit a brief moment of Younger fatigue this season. I was like, how much more of this can I take??? The *angst* of it all!

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    Seriously, how many will they/won't they moments between Liza and Charles will the writers subject us to???

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    But then, like ACTUAL CHRISTMAS in friggin' July, we were blessed with a Christmas episode that charmed me so much that I actually forgot it's not December.

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    In a funny twist of NYC fate that only happens in the world of Younger, where all 40-somethings run in the same small circle of friends, Charles ends up at a holiday party that Liza attended with her daughter Caitlin (who, YES, still exists btw!!!) and her ex-husband, Dingus*.

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    *yes, I know that's not really his name.

    Charles walks in to find Liza and Caitlin doing their FINEST rendition of "The Lonely Goatherd" from The Sound of Music, and Charles and Liza "meet" for the first time...but like, it's actually their first real encounter as peers and it's beautiful AF.

    The act of watching Sutton Foster lonely goatherding + the holiday cheer was enough to melt the ice in Charles' cold, cold, angry heart, and they chat about their kids and he finally *gets* that Caitlin is the reason Liza did the damn thing in the first place, and then he gives her a secret trillion dollar bonus.

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    BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! Charles gets in a cab to go away for Christmas, but whaddaya know??? The Sound of Music is coming to Broadway for a two-week special holiday engagement, and for some reason "The Lonely Goatherd" is used in the promotional materials???? IDK, JUST ROLL WITH IT! It makes him remember how in luuuuurve he is.

    Thank you @YoungerTV for getting the lonely goatherd stuck in my head on repeat! The episode was worth it!

    So he's like, "Turn this cab around, because I'm in love with a lonely goatherd right here in NYC!" And he shows up at Liza's door.

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    And she's like:

    TV Land


    TV Land


    TV Land




    I’ve had blue balls for Charles and Liza for 5 seasons and I FINALLY CAME πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’ @YoungerTV #YoungerTV

    AND THE WRITERS ARE PROBABLY LIKE, "Ohhhh, just you wait until they fuck next week! And then we'll probably crush your dreams shortly after that." THE END.

    TV Land / Via Twitter: @BopeLove1983

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