The Way Billie Lourd Honored Carrie Fisher At "The Last Jedi" Premiere Will Make You Emotional

    Okay, I'm crying.

    So, Star Wars: The Last Jedi premiered over the weekend, and it got me really freakin' excited to see it:

    Billie Lourd (who reprises her role as Lt. Connix from The Force Awakens) hit the red carpet to watch the film, which was dedicated in her mother Carrie Fisher's memory.

    People were quick to notice that Billie was honoring her mom in more than one way. First, her braided bun was a direct nod to Leia's in Star Wars: A New Hope...

    Getty Images

    Princess Billie Lourd about to rock the red carpet with the Princess Leia Throne Room hair style! 👑💚

    ...but eagle-eyed fans noticed that Billie ALSO rocked a blue ring that once belonged to Carrie:

    People (myself included) are feeling pretty emotional about the whole thing:

    Oh just crying because Billie Lourd wore Leia hair and the ring Carrie wore to last year’s Star Wars premiere last night 😭😭😭

    Via Twitter: @farahhsadek

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    I'm honestly not ready for this movie!