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    35 Moments From "The One With The Embryos" That Prove It's The Most Iconic "Friends" Episode

    "It's Miss Chanandler Bong!"

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    Ever since Friends came to HBO Max, I've been deep in the middle of a rewatch — and I just got to one of the most iconic episodes of the series, "The One with the Embryos," so I had to talk about it. Here are all the moments (aka, the whole episode) that make it so memorable:

    Ross introducing his trivia board to the rest of the friends minus Phoebe.

    1. At the beginning, when Rachel has a very relatable freakout and bangs on Joey and Chandler's door after being woken up by the chick (aka rooster) at six in the morning:

    Rachel asking Chandler and Joey "What is that noise?" and Chandler says: "You!"

    2. When Chandler and Joey claim to know more about Monica and Rachel than they know about them, and will prove it by guessing the contents of Rachel's shopping bag:

    Chandler and Joey saying they know Rachel and Monica so well

    3. Which puts Ross into full gameshow host mode...

    Ross saying, "We're starting with apples..."

    4. ...and prompts Chandler to tell Ross what we've all wanted to tell Ross for 26 years now:

    Chandler says "stop that now"

    5. Once it's time for the ~real~ contest, a bet for $100, Ross reads the categories and his delivery kills me every time:

    Ross reads the categories to the game

    6. When they do a coin toss to see who goes first, but no one calls it, so they end up just staring at Ross:

    Joey, Chandler, Rachel, and Monica stare blankly at Ross

    7. When Joey reveals Monica's biggest pet peeve:

    Joey says "Animals dressed as humans"

    8. When Monica reveals what phenomenon scares the "bejesus" out of Chandler:

    Monica says: "Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance"

    9. When Joey took a shot at figuring out Ross and Monica's grandma's name:

    Joey and Chandler banter about the fact that Joey guessed Althea.

    10. When Rachel incorrectly guesses the name that comes on Chandler's TV Guide in the mail:

    Ross says the TV Guide comes to Chanandler Bong and Chandler says, "Actually, it's Miss Chanandler Bong."

    11. When Ross reveals he actually created a lightning round in the event of a tie:

    Ross introduces the lightning round.

    12. And then Monica tries to raise the stakes by suggesting they play for $300:

    Monica and Rachel argue about the fact that Monica is raising the stakes.

    13. When Monica then suggests that if the guys lose, they give up the rooster:

    Rachel: "Ooh, that's interesting."

    14. And then when Chandler takes the stakes to a whole new level:

    Chandler agrees to Monica's terms, but says if they win they get Monica and Rachel's apartment.

    15. When Rachel is nervous about betting the apartment and Monica tries to show her how confident she is with her steady hand:

    Monica shows her steady hand to Rachel, and Rachel asks if the answers are written on it.

    16. When Chandler can't stop jumping before his lightning round questions:

    17. When Chandler reveals what Rachel claims to be her favorite movie...

    Chandler: "Dangerous Liaisons"

    18. ...and Joey reveals her actual favorite movie:

    Joey: "Weekend at Bernie's"

    19. When Ross asks where Monica got a pencil stuck when she was a little kid, and Chandler guesses very, very wrong:

    Ross: "Ew, no...her ear."

    20. When Joey and Chandler are counting up Monica's categories of towels:

    Joey and Chandler list Monica's towel categories: "Everyday use, fancy, guest, fancy guest."

    21. When the teams curse each other out, Friends style:

    22. When Monica reveals Joey's childhood imaginary friend's name...

    Monica: "Maurice!"

    23. ...and Rachel reveals his profession:

    Rachel: "Space cowboy!"

    24. And Joey just has this very pure reaction to it:

    Joey giggles.

    25. When Monica and Rachel are stumped over what Chandler's job is, and Rachel finally blurts out:

    Rachel guesses Transponster.

    26. And Monica shouts in agony:

    Monica: "That's not even a word!"

    27. And then she has a guttural reaction when she realizes they've lost the apartment:

    Monica: "Nooooooooo!"

    28. When Joey and Chandler do this celebratory little dance when they realize they've won:

    29. And then joyously move in their foosball table right away:

    30. When Rachel demonstrates her "steady hand" while demanding that they won't move out of the apartment:

    31. And then when she is absolutely distraught while Phoebe waits to see if she is pregnant with Frank and Alice's baby, and this picture is honestly just worth a thousand words:

    32. And then when Phoebe writes a very Phoebe song for the potential baby:

    Phoebe: "Are you in there little fetus? In nine months will you come greet us?"

    33. When Chandler (sandwich in hand!) and Joey glide into their new apartment on the porcelain dog:

    34. When Phoebe finds out she's pregnant, and Frank hilariously says:

    Frank: "My sister's gonna have my baby!"

    35. Because, in true Friends style, even though the friends were bickering, they stopped for a massive group hug as soon as Phoebe got the good news:

    Is "The One with the Embryos" your favorite Friends episode? Or do you have another one? Let us know in the comments — and don't forget to sign up for HBO Max for $14.99 a month so you can watch re-watch all 10 seasons of Friends.