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    16 Sophie Turner Instagram Stories That Honestly Deserve An Oscar


    Sophie Turner aka Sansa aka Queen of the North, is proving herself to be the queen of Instagram too.

    Jean-baptiste Lacroix / AFP / Getty Images

    Specifically, Sophie's stories are SO good. They make you feel like you're watching your coolest, zaniest, drunkest best friend — if that best friend were a massive star married to Joe Jonas.


    1. When she was extremely vulnerable about a lack of pasta in her life:

    yall see this Oscar worthy actress ???? sophie turner. get on it.

    2. When she did us all a favor and ENDED the Bottle Cap Challenge:

    Sophie Turner puts an end to Bottle Cap Challenge. 😂

    3. When she talked about Arya's Game of Thrones sex scene in an iconic way...

    this vid of sophie turner talking about arya's sex scene last night is art

    4. ...and when she called Arya THAT BITCH:

    sophie turner reacting to THAT arya scene is all of us reacting to the scene tbh #GameOfThrones

    5. When she celebrated her birthday with Paris Hilton...

    Happy Birthday @SophieT! So much fun celebrating with you beautiful #BirthdayGirl 🎉🎈👸🏼🎂🎈🎉

    6. ...and when she skied with the J Sisters:

    The J Sisters via @SophieT instagram story @priyankachopra

    7. When she was caught epically dancing on camera:

    Hailee Steinfeld com o @joejonas e a @SophieT na Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2019.

    8. When she tested out a fun Instagram filter:

    The North Remembers. The final season begins in 2 hours. #GameofThrones with @SophieT on @Instagram.

    9. When she was thankful for the Kardashians:

    "And that's the.. That's the wine😂. And that's the tea" *love* #SophieTurner

    10. When Jessica Chastain made a cameo:

    🎥 AND THAT’S THE TEA! Sophie Turner via Instagram Stories.

    11. Okay, this is technically Joe, but it stars Sophie and it's so damn cute and it's the time when he was gushing about her on the street:

    sophie turner's biggest fan is her husband hahahahaha

    12. When she defended Alex Morgan for sipping tea after the US Women's Soccer team won the World Cup:

    .@alexmorgan13 said her tea celebration was inspired by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. Turner showed her support and gave the haters the tea 🍵 🍷

    13. When she posted from a hair event:

    sophie turner getting ready for a wella hair event

    14. When she caught Joe beautifying himself:

    Joe via Sophie Turner’s Instagram story.

    15. When she dropped an interesting theory:

    “Maggie Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal aren’t actually related, that’s that’s the tea” ☕️ 😂 (🎥via ig stories: sophieturner)

    16. And finally, when she made a hilarious realization mid-way through her story:

    sophie turner realizing she had her dab pen on camera im losing itttt

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