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People Don't Know How To Process The Fact That Red Gerard Was Born In 2000

He didn't experience the '90s...

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Over the weekend, you probably saw snowboarder Red Gerard win the first gold medal for Team USA.

He took home the top prize for the Men's Snowboard Slopestyle.
Dan Istitene / Getty Images

He took home the top prize for the Men's Snowboard Slopestyle.

You might have heard he was 17 years old, but you probably didn't think too much about it! That meant he was born in like 1995 or something, right?

Javier Soriano / AFP / Getty Images

WRONG!!!!!!! This OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST was born on June 29, 2000.

Clive Mason / Getty Images

This means he is the first Winter Olympic Gold Medalist born in the 2000s:

That moment you start feeling old: With his gold medal win in men's slopestyle snowboarding, Red Gerard (USA) becom…

This also means he did not experience ANY PART of the 1990s!!!!!!


Saved by the Bell was off the air for six years when Red Gerard was born!

By the time he was born in June, we were six months past a collective Y2K freakout — the world had continued on and Red Gerard was born.

Best Buy / Via

Naturally, people don't know how to process this information:

I knew Red Gerard was 17, but my brain didn’t connect that means he was born in the year 2000. 😳😳😳

Red Gerard was born in 2000 & has an Olympic gold... something about that just makes me feel really old and under accomplished.

When they say the USA gold medalist Red Gerard was born in 2000. #saywhat #Olympics2018 #Olympics #RedGerard

Red Gerard won the first gold medal for team USA in this year’s Winter Olympics, he was also born in the year 2000.…


The Disney Channel original movie Johnny Tsunami is older than Red Gerard. He was born June 29, 2000. Johnny Tsunam…

Even his peers are feeling weird about it:

Red Gerard was born in June 2000 and has an Olympic gold medal. I was born in June 2000 and my greatest accomplishm…

lol the newscaster was like “red gerard was born june 29 2000. does that make you feel old?” but im just a little u…

Hghhsbswnsj I keep forgetting that GOLD MEDALIST Red Gerard was born in like June 2000 so he’s my age but at the sa…

Basically, the kid is RIDICULOUSLY impressive. Congrats, Red! Never stop making us all feel like this:

Tommasolizzul / Getty Images

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