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    Aug 22, 2017

    Simone Biles Making Her Relationship Instagram Official Is All Of Us


    The sun's shining, the birds are chirping, the eclipse eclipsed, and Simone Biles just revealed she has a boyfriend β€” it's a wonderful day to be alive!

    It's true β€” America's gold medal-winning sweetheart is dating 23-year-old gymnast Stacey Ervin and they couldn't be cuter together. Here they are at the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame ceremony...

    ...and I'm pretty positive Stacey's caption could warm even the coldest of hearts:

    Instagram / Via

    They've even been posting cute selfies all over Snapchat, so you know it's the real deal:

    Aw @Simone_Biles and her boo are too cute! She looks so happy πŸ’œπŸ’œ

    Simone is just like all of us, and couldn't help but like this perfect tweet because she's happy and that's what happy people do on social media:

    Boyfriends that take pictures of their girlfriends and post it with something sweet as heck make me smile so much omg 😁☺️

    She's also been liking a bunch of tweets from the "gymternet" about her new relationship:

    Ahhh @Simone_Biles and @staceerv_ !!!! Faves 😍

    @Gymtertainment @Simone_Biles @staceerv_ LITERALLY THE ONLY PERSON THE GYMTERNET WILL APPROVE OF FOR HER. #SealOfApproval

    @Simone_Biles I totally called it like a week ago! I wish you all the best, he obviously makes you very happy!


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