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    I'm Obsessed With Serena Williams' Daughter's Doll's Instagram Account

    Queen Qai Qai.

    This is Qai Qai:

    On the surface, she may look like just a regular doll:

    And yet, this doll is already a million times more famous than you are!!!!

    This doll is also a million times richer than you are!!!

    Because Qai Qai is an Insta-famous doll who already has over 100k followers. And it might have something to do with her "grandparents," maybe you've heard of them?

    That's right, she belongs to Olympia Ohanian (daughter of Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian), which means she is doll royalty.

    And, frankly, she's one of the most important people in the world:


    Tennis? Yeah, she watches it.

    Traveling? She does that too.

    You like her jewelry? Gee thanks, she bought it.

    Business strategy? Snooze, she does that with her eyes closed, next!!!

    She even had her first celeb *feud* against this stuffed dog that caught Olympia's attention:

    "Qai Qai just had an EPIC clap back and I'm shaking!!!!"

    "Serena shut Qai Qai down and I'm LITERALLY dead!"

    In all sincerity, her origin story is so sweet, and it makes me love Qai Qai (and Serena!) even more:

    .@serenawilliams shares the love-filled story behind her daughter's doll, @RealQaiQai.

    To summarize, Qai Qai is goals, and a particularly enjoyable Instagram follow.

    Tired: Child influencers...

    Wired: Doll influencers!

    THE END.

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