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16 Extremely Adorable Moments Between Serena Williams And Her Daughter, Olympia

"I signed Olympia up for tennis lessons...but the lady has no idea that it's my daughter."

1. When Serena shared a day of practice with her training partner, Olympia:

Serena Williams / TikTok

2. And when Serena first signed Olympia up for tennis lessons but didn't tell the instructor who she was:

Serena Williams getting her daughter ready for her first tennis lesson is the best thing you’ll watch all week

Twitter: @gibsonoma

3. When Serena proudly watched as Olympia practiced:

4. I'll truly never get enough of Olympia holding a tennis racket:

5. Seriously, here they are in matching outfits! It's too cute!

6. When Alexis Ohanian, Serena's husband and Olympia's dad, shared this adorable "happy feet" moment from the US Open:

Those @OlympiaOhanian happy feet!!

Twitter: @alexisohanian

7. And when he shared this amazing photo of Olympia watching her mama earlier this year:

Twitter: @alexisohanian

8. When Serena launched a jewelry line inspired by Olympia and then shared this pic of them wearing mommy-and-me necklaces:

9. When they did their morning routine together:

Serena Williams / Instagram / Via

10. When they had this matching Disney Princess moment, first as Sleeping Beauty...

11. ...and then as Princess Anna from Frozen:

12. When they twinned at the beach:

13. When Serena wrote about the honor of braiding Olympia's hair:

14. When Serena shared this sleepy and snuggly moment:

15. When they sang a rousing rendition of the Paw Patrol theme song together:

16. And, finally, when Dr. Olympia gave Serena a "COVID test":

Serena Williams / Instagram / Via

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