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    Selena Gomez Reveals Her "Kidneys Were Just Done" When She Got A Transplant

    "You feel that Francia saved your life?" "Because she did."

    Last month, Selena Gomez revealed on Instagram that she received a kidney transplant over the summer from her dear friend Francia Raisa.

    And for the first time since they revealed the news, Selena and Francia are opening up about the experience in a new interview with The Today Show's Savannah Guthrie.

    “You feel that Francia saved your life?” -@savannahguthrie “Because she did.” -@selenagomez

    In a clip from the interview, Selena reveals how Francia became her donor: "My kidneys were just done. That was it. I didn't want to ask a single person in my life, and that was the day I came home when I found out and she volunteered and did it."

    Then, Savannah asked: "You feel that Francia saved your life?"

    And, without hesitating, Selena said: "Because she did. That's it."

    "I guess I got to the point where it was really kind of life or death."

    People are so moved by their powerful story and beautiful friendship:

    @TODAYshow @SavannahGuthrie @selenagomez Definition of strong women, this is a pure friendship, I love them 💔

    @TODAYshow @OfficialSGnews @SavannahGuthrie @selenagomez I love their friendship & I love Selena being so brave

    @TODAYshow @SGomezCandids @SavannahGuthrie @selenagomez OMG😭😭😭 God bless both of u always😗😗😗

    @TODAYshow @SavannahGuthrie @selenagomez *cries in every language*

    Selena and Francia's full interview will air on Monday and Tuesday on The Today Show.