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    Sarah Michelle Gellar's Family Is Watching "Buffy," And She Can't Remember A Lot Of The Plots

    "It's such a fun binge-watch."

    If you grew up in the '90s or '00s, there's a pretty good chance you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, starring the one and only Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar poses as Buffy the Vampire Slayer in front of a fence
    20th Century Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection

    Well, now, in the year 2020, Sarah, her husband Freddie Prinze Jr., and their kids Charlotte (11) and Rocky (8) are watching it together as a family.

    A few weeks ago, in an interview on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Sarah talked about how her family decided to watch her classic show together.

    "They asked during quarantine," she told Kelly. "We were trying to find shows to binge, and I was like okay. I didn’t even know if they’d be into it, but they are, like, so into it."

    And in a new interview with Us Weekly, Sarah talked about the experience even more. "I think that they would like Buffy creatively whether it was me or not," she said. “I think I’m just, like, an added bonus, but I think they would have loved the show regardless. ... I think my family is proud of it and they’re excited and it’s such a fun binge-watch.”

    Buffy, Willow, and Xander look at a computer in front of a bookcase
    20th Century Fox/Courtesy Everett Collection

    But when it comes to actually remembering what happened on the iconic show, Sarah needs a bit of a refresher. “An episode will start and they’ll ask me a question, what happens, and I’ll be quickly googling the episode to try to figure it out," she admits.

    Don't worry, the rest of us all remember every single detail for you, Sarah! BRB, going to start another Buffy binge-watch.

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