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    Posted on Nov 6, 2017

    Sarah Hyland And Wells From "The Bachelorette" Is The Pairing I Never Knew I Needed

    A true Bachelor Nation fairytale!

    Hi, hello, welcome! Please settle in because I'm about to share my current obsession with you. Our story begins with Modern Family star and known hilarious badass, Sarah Hyland.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    If you're part of Bachelor Nation, you probably know by now that she's also a huge fan of the franchise and an excellent live-tweeter:

    I'm always right when it comes to predicting the next bachelor/bachelorette... @chrisbharrison move over. I think I can take it from here 😉

    My day? Catching up on the #bachelorette eating a family sized box of cheerios that expired a year and a half ago 😎

    Can't wait to hear @chrisbharrison say this is "the most dramatic season YET of the bachelor"! Duh! Cause the average age is 23.

    This brings us to the next star of the story — Bachelorette fan favorite, Snapchat genius, and DJ, Wells Adams:

    Over the summer, Sarah (like the rest of us) was pumped to see Wells as the bartender on Bachelor In Paradise:

    OH MY GOD @WellsAdams IS THE FRIKKIN BARTENDER?! Best. Season. Ever. #BachelorInParadise

    Wells acknowledged the tweet and one-upped her with a cute lil' Modern Family reference, hehehe:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @WellsAdams

    Since then, they've been hella cute on Twitter:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sarah_Hyland

    And then last week, at Halloween, some *stranger things* happened. Sarah posted a photo of her and Wells in costume as Eleven and Dustin from Stranger Things...

    ...and they looked pretty darn cute together:

    So after that, people were like, "Hmmmmmmmm??? What's going on here???" And Sarah was cutely coy about it:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sarah_Hyland

    And then this past weekend, we were graced with two MORE completely cute photos on social media...

    ...and I realized I FREAKIN' SHIP IT.

    And I ain't the only one:

    Wells Adams and Sarah Hyland are tgt aww all those exchanges on ig twitter. Aww cuties

    Far too invested in Wells and Sarah Hylands relationship. I️ love them

    Wells is dating Sarah Hyland and I’m like confused but happy???????

    Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are a THING and I am DIGGING IT SO HARD

    Anyways, neither Sarah nor Wells has *officially* confirmed the relationship, but all I can say is I'm happy for them no matter what's going on. THE END. Enjoy this tweet from 2012 that hasn't aged well:

    Those who think I have a thing for any of the guys on the bachelorette? Think again and stop reading into things i say! I'm simply a fan.

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