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    Sabrina Carpenter Answered Questions While Playing With Puppies And It's As Perfect As It Sounds

    "I went up to Zac Efron...and I told him that I liked his work."

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    Maybe you've been a Sabrina Carpenter fan since the Girl Meets World days or perhaps you're newly obsessed with her album Singular: Act 1...


    ...either way you're going to LOVE this interview she just did while playing with puppies:

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    1. What's your dream acting role?


    SC: It would probably be to star in a movie with a lot of dogs, so that way I could do this every day. Also, I've always wanted do a musical. I've always wanted to collide those two worlds that I haven't. I'd like to do an action film — that would be cool.

    2. When was a time that you were starstruck?

    Teen Twitter, when were you gonna tell me Maya from Girl Meets World was here? *side eyes teenagers* Hi Sabrina!

    SC: When I met Lin-Manuel Miranda. I don't know why, I felt unworthy. I couldn't speak when I met him, for some reason, and I was so uncool about it.

    3. Do you prefer cheese or chocolate?


    SC: Chocolate!

    4. Is your song "Paris" about a real relationship?

    5. What would 19-year-old Sabrina say to 12-year-old Sabrina?


    SC: Be a little more selective about what you post on the internet — you're not gonna like it all later. You're not gonna like most of it later.

    6. What was your reaction when you were chosen to be a part of The Hate U Give? Had you already read the book?

    20th Century Fox

    SC: I had already read the book, and I was very, very excited because I knew that it was going to be an incredibly important movie. And now that I have been a part of it and I've seen the movie multiple times, it is one of the most emotional experiences and rollercoasters I think I've ever been through in my life.

    7. If you could sing or act with any celebrity past or present, who would it be?


    SC: I would want to sing with Paul McCartney and I would want to act with Judy Garland.

    8. You are stuck on a desert island and can only pick one of your costars to be with you. Who do you pick?

    9. If you could star in a rom-com, who would you want to be your costar?


    SC: [to puppy] I would want you to be my costar in a rom-com. Can you be my costar?

    I don't really do celebrity crushes. I was just talking the other day though about how I went up to Zac Efron when I saw him on the beach and I was 11, and I told him that I liked his work. And he wasn't wearing a shirt. That's how composed I was as an 11-year-old. "I"m a big fan of your work." And he was so nice to me, but I remember being that nerd at 11 years old.

    10. Where did the album name Singular come from?

    11. Who would be your dream collaboration?


    SC: Here's the thing is this is such a hard question because I have so many. I don't feel like I could choose one. I'm a big fan of Brockhampton, I'm a big big fan of Rihanna — my fans know that — and I love Adele. I really love Adele.

    12. You've now worked with two of the Riverdale stars — KJ Apa and Casey Cott. Are you a fan of the show?

    Hollywood Records

    SC: I'm a fan of both of them and I watched the whole first season. I'm very bad at finishing shows, so I'm still in the second season. But they're so talented.

    13. Tell us what Singular means to you in three words.


    SC: I'd say, "My next chapter." It's a part of my life that I will never ever forget. I'm creating new memories with it every day starting right now. I know that I'll look back and I'll think so many things about this album and where I was at this point in my life, but I definitely will never forget it. And it will always be that thing that takes me to where I'm going next.

    Can't get enough of Sabrina? Listen to her album, Singular Act 1, now!


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