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    Ross And Rachel Are Still Together, Which Proves They Really Are Each Other's Lobsters

    They have yet to go on another break!

    It's been 15 years since Rachel got off the plane and officially ended up with Ross on Friends.

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    But even though they had a happy ending on the show, every once in a while we learn less-than-happy news about our favorite TV couples long after the finale.

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    Like, remember when Dawson's Creek creator Kevin Williamson dropped the bombshell that Pacey and Joey are DIVORCED????


    I am seriously and deeply not over this.

    Or how Kyle Chandler hinted that Coach and Tami Taylor might have ALSO been headed for a divorce?



    So you can imagine I've been ~concerned~ about the state of Rachel and Ross, especially considering they weren't always the greatest couple.

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    But Jennifer Aniston (aka Rachel Green herself) confirmed on the Today show that the two are still going strong. When asked directly if Ross and Rachel are still together, Aniston said, "Yes, absolutely," without even hesitating. Period. End. Of. Sentence.

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    She continued by reminding us all how old we are and saying, "Emma’s grown up. She’s in college? Not yet…"

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    That's when her Murder Mystery costar Adam Sandler chimed in and said, "High school. She’s vaping in high school and you’re just looking the other way. Way to go.”

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    Quick reminder that actors Noelle and Cali Sheldon, who played Emma, are now 16 and starred in Jordan Peele's Us.

    So, there we have it. Ross and Rachel are still together and Emma vapes.

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    Here's the funny clip, if you want to hear the news with your own ears:

    CHECK IT OUT: Jennifer Aniston shares her thoughts on if Ross and Rachel of @FriendsTV would still be together all these years later. More of @NMoralesNBC interview tomorrow on @TODAYshow.

    Oh, and that video that was recorded for Emma's 18th birthday when she turned 1? Yeah, she'll be watching that in 2020. Aka next year.

    Ok so I was watching Friends last night and Ross was filming a tape for Emma’s 18th birthday and Chandler says the line “Hi Emma. It’s 2020. Have you woken up from your nap yet?” And it’s just dawned on me that 2020 is NEXT YEAR. Emma would be 18 NEXT YEAR.

    Me, today and always:

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