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    Updated on May 11, 2019. Posted on May 9, 2019

    19 "Riverdale" Tweets That Will Make Absolutely Zero Sense Out Of Context

    And, honestly, very little sense in context.


    and here’s what you missed on riverdale :)) #riverdale


    Betty talking to herself #Riverdale


    Edgar out here stealing kidneys for his wife and I can’t even get a good morning text #Riverdale


    Me, literally two weeks ago: Riverdale is a mess right now I wouldn't be surprised if they said Jason is alive, nothing make sense in this show anymore 😂😂😂😂 lol Riverdale: Jason is alive!! Me: #Riverdale


    edgar evernever IS izzy stevens. we got another organ stealer ladies and gents. #Riverdale #GreysAnatomy


    Everyone from the farm when they realise they have been brainwashed for like a month and they all have one kidney - #riverdale


    #Riverdale S1: the farm is a beautiful place where Polly and Jason would have happily raised their kids. S2: the farm gives kids weird names and wants Polly to cut ties with her family, understandable. S3: the farm harvests your organs and sells them in the black market.


    Me when they said the Gargoyle King was Jason Blossom #Riverdale


    when ethel says the gargoyle king is jason blossom #Riverdale


    Please give us the Toni-Jughead saving their wives from the farm team-up we deserve. #riverdale


    the core 4 after realizing they spent a whole season finding out who jason’s killer was when he’s not even dead #riverdale


    If someone could help me figure out how we got from innocent games of D&D to HARVESTING. ORGANS. that'd be great, thanks. #Riverdale


    Jason walking in the season 3 of #Riverdale like:


    srsly if jason blossom is alive you better let him talk this last ep of s3 😩 let the man speak 😩 #Riverdale


    Stop saying “endgame” in #Riverdale. Just stop.


    excited for the extremely upsetting and traumatic fact that Kevin is walking around without a kidney because it was forcibly taken out of his body to never be addressed again!!!!!! #Riverdale


    When you get answers, but they’re still not really making sense #Riverdale


    me: I'm done watching Riverdale, it just isn't what it used to be also me every week: #Riverdale


    Me this whole fucking season: #Riverdale

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