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    This "Riverdale" Trailer Is The Most Bonkers Thing I've Seen On A Show That Had A Cult Leader With A Rocket Ship Last Season

    "Archie goes to war, Betty joins the FBI, Jughead becomes a writer, and Veronica gets married..."

    Alright, so every once in a while, something from Riverdale goes viral on Twitter and everyone who doesn't watch this show weekly is like ??????

    If they don’t cancel riverdale rn I swear to god

    Twitter: @haaniyah_

    I personally DO watch this show weekly and I personally am also like ????? all the time, but that hasn't deterred me yet and I will never quit it.

    So, anyway, right now everyone's talking about this absolutely bonkers trailer for the remainder of Season 5, which is set seven years in the future after the crew's high school graduation.

    ‘RIVERDALE’ Season 5 will now be set 7 years into the future where Archie goes to war, Betty joins the FBI, Jughead becomes a writer and Veronica gets married.

    Twitter: @DiscussingFilm

    Ah, yes, the four personality types: War, FBI, writer, and married.

    Anyway, here are all the questions I have about this trailer, as someone who has watched every single episode of this show:

    1. Jughead starts by telling us Archie was in a war...but what the heck war was this and why does he look like an extra in Dunkirk???

    Archie in war

    2. Why did the "war" take place on a high school football field?

    War happening on football field

    3. Like, I'm not hallucinating? That's a goal post right??? Is this...color war???

    War happening

    4. Live footage of Archie being as confused as I am:

    Archie confused

    5. Why is published author Jughead Jones, the literary voice of a generation, so MAD?

    Jughead being mad

    6. Why did Veronica marry a punchable man named Chadwick?

    Veronica and her new husband Chadwick

    7. Did the Riverdale costume department get an amazing deal on gray crewneck sweatshirts this year???

    Archie and Betty wearing crewnecks

    8. Okay, and now I cannot emphasize this strongly enough...WHAT. IN. THE. FUCK. HAPPENED. TO. BETTY?

    Betty in a hole

    9. Hasn't she been through enough???? Was the serial killer dad and serial killer brother and the organ-harvesting cult that tried to lobotomize her and her boyfriend's fake murder and the time she and her mom killed a guy NOT ENOUGH??? No, now she needs to deal with THIS?

    10. In the future, she's suffering from the trauma of being trapped in a hole by a chainsaw-wielding man????? Without ever being able to address the trauma of all the things I just mentioned above???

    Betty in a hole

    11. But she is also officially in the FBI now? Is she in Law and Order: Serial Killer Unit? SKU coming to NBC this spring???

    Betty in a crewneck

    12. And, finally, how does Archie STILL manage to say the absolute worst thing every time he opens his mouth?

    Archie saying, "wow, lots of catching up to do."

    In conclusion:

    You could tell me anything about this show and I would believe it