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    21 Shocking Things We Learned About The "Riverdale" Parents On The Flashback Episode

    That Blossom family back story, though!

    1. Alice found out she was pregnant with FP's baby in the school bathroom while Hermione and Sierra were there.

    2. Alice, FP, Fred, Penelope, Sierra, and Hermione all got Saturday detention together, which is where they discovered the game of Gryphons and Gargoyles for the first time. They started sneaking into the school at night so they could play it.

    3. Penelope Blossom was raised in the Sisters of Quiet Mercy orphanage and when she was 8, she was adopted by the Blossoms to first be Clifford's sister and then eventually his "life companion."

    4. Penelope was a Teacher's Pet/Hall Monitor, and she got into a fight with Alice in the bathroom.

    5. Much like Archie, Fred had to choose between sports (in his case, baseball) and music (his band, The Fred Heads) — but he ultimately chose neither and joined the family business.

    6. One time Fred and FP streaked together! Bless!

    7. Alice carved all of their names into the window sill in the classroom.

    8. Fred and Alice had *a moment* — they made out while completing a challenge during Gryphons and Gargoyles.

    9. FP and Hermione also had chemistry and here's the proof:

    10. Fred and Hermione were also A THING even back then, but she ultimately chose that Hiram life.

    11. Speaking of Hiram, he supplied the gang with Fizzle Rocks — a drug that's apparently similar to Jingle Jangle.

    12. Alice once lit a dumpster on fire in the South Side.

    13. FP pretended he lived in the North Side, even though he really lived in the trailer park.

    14. Sierra and Tom Keller (the future Sheriff Keller) were a secret couple because their parents didn't approve. They split ways when Tom joined ROTC, but he said he would wait for her. Of course that didn't happen.

    15. Hermione was dating Hiram, but her mom didn't approve. Smart mom.

    16. Hermione's mom worked cleaning hotel rooms, which partially explains her motivation for ultimately choosing to be with Hiram.

    17. Fred Andrews' father was sick when he was in high school, and he had to take care of him. He died on the night of the Ascension party that ruined everything.

    18. FP wanted to avoid the gang life and go to college, but his father broke his arm when he told him that.

    19. After the events of the episode, Teen Alice completely changed her image and asked Hal Cooper on a date.

    20. All of these parents went to high school together, and then MAGICALLY had babies in the same year, and they ALL stayed in the neighborhood and sent ALL of those kids to the same school and they ALL also became a group of friends. Wow, TV land is WILD!

    21. Oh, and they're all casually kinda covering up a murder!!!!