19 Real Celeb Text Messages We Are So Privileged To See

    "Did you meet any of the real stars?"

    1. When Ariana Grande's friend Courtney hilariously heard "Thank U, Next" playing:

    2. When Erin Foster's dad, David Foster, sent this text after the whole college admissions scam:

    3. When Michelle Obama texted her mom after the Grammys and was humbled:

    4. When Chrissy Teigen wanted to borrow John Legend's mouth guard:

    5. When Serena Williams hilariously had a one-track mind:

    6. When Zendaya's mom compared her to a troll:

    Thanks mom😂😂😂 @clairemaree64

    7. When Jonah Hill collaborated with Gucci Mane:

    8. When Ariana Grande's grandma got an iPhone for the first time:

    9. When Hilary Duff didn't want to share her cupcakes:

    I won't share the 3 dozen mini cupcakes that came to my door this morning mother. I won't

    10. When Lili Reinhart gave us a glimpse of her texts with Cole Sprouse:

    11. When Camila Cabello shared a true MOOD:

    12. When Lil Yachty and Quenlin Blackwell had this great exchange about Solange Knowles and Frank Ocean:

    13. When Anna Kendrick's brother was painfully honest with her:

    My brother giving me book tour love. Then I ruin it. Then he ruins it more. #Siblings

    14. When Chrissy Teigen had questions about butt thermometers:

    15. When Amy Schumer was lied to about Sprite:

    16. When Maisie Williams' mom had a crush on Andrew Garfield:

    17. When Gigi and Bella Hadid basically spoke in their own language:

    18. When Mandy Moore's parents were This Is Us superfans:

    19. And when B.J. Novak said what we all feel about cellphone communication in general: