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Rachel Lindsay Had The Most Epic Clapback To A Former "Bachelor" Contestant's Racist Tweet

More like Leah BLOCKED.

This is Rachel Lindsay β€” the brilliant and beautiful star of The Bachelorette this season who honestly deserves this trophy because she's had to deal with way too much goddamn nonsense.

Bob Leverone / ABC

To refresh your memory, just a few weeks ago Bachelorette contestant Lee Garrett's racist, sexist, and anti-Muslim tweets were uncovered, confirming what we pretty much already knew: He's a trash person.

Craig Sjodin / ABC

But he's not the only problematic person in Bachelor Nation. In a since-deleted tweet, former Bachelor contestant Leah Block wrote this:

Twitter / Via Leah Block


ABC / Via

Luckily, Rachel was not about to let her get away with that and clapped back with this perfect response:

Twitter / Via girlwithnojob

SHE πŸ‘ SAID πŸ‘ THAT πŸ‘ .

ABC / Via

Then Leah tried to defend herself...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @elexusirene

...with MULTIPLE tweets. But Rachel just wasn't having it and responded perfectly again:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @goodtomicha

Oh, and Rachel wasn't the only one with πŸ”₯ tweets about it...

@leahblock Leah Block: "says something racist" Twitter: "that's racist" Leah Block: "iM nOT rACiST, gEt oVeR YoUrS…

Even former Bachelor contestant Raven Gates got in on the action:

@TheRachLindsay Yaaaaaaaaas Rach! Leah needs to have a sea and stop being so thirsty. WHY would she tweet that?? B…

Finally, after getting dragged just a bit, Leah deleted her account β€” or you might say she BLOCKED herself.

Leah Block deleted her Twitter account after Rachel called her out for this nonsense πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ #theBachelorette


ABC / Via