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    21 "Quarantine A Movie" Tweets That Are Honestly So Spot On

    "Home Alone With My Thoughts."

    Yesterday, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon asked people to #QuarantineAMovie ā€” aka, reimagine classic movie titles to fit these quarantine times. For example, Jimmy offered up Big Hero Six Feet Apart:

    Tweet out a changed movie title that fits with quarantining using the hashtag #QuarantineAMovie and it could be on the show!

    Here are some of the best responses that genuinely made me smile right now:

    1. School of Rock becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon Homeschool of Rock #QuarantineAMovie

    2. Home Alone becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon Home Alone With My Thoughts

    3. We Bought a Zoo becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon We Bought a Zoom #QuarantineAMovie

    4. 13 Going on 30 becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon 13 Going On 30 Days. #QuarantineAMovie

    5. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon How to Lose Your Mind in 10 Days #QuarantineAMovie šŸ˜³

    6. Stand By Me becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon Don't Stand by Me. #QuarantineAMovie

    7. Gone in 60 Seconds takes on a new meaningā€¦

    8. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon Harry Potter and the Order to Stay Home #QuarantineAmovie

    9. West Side Story becomesā€¦

    In Side Story #QuarantineAMovie @jimmyfallon

    10. Sherlock Holmes becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon Sherlock Stay-at-Holmes #QuarantineAMovie

    11. Back to the Future becomesā€¦

    12. When Harry Met Sally... becomesā€¦

    When Harry Stood 6ft Away From Sally #QuarantineAMovie

    13. Ice Age becomesā€¦

    14. Love Actually becomesā€¦

    15. Five Feet Apart becomes even more relevantā€¦

    16. Ferris Bueller's Day Off becomesā€¦

    Ferris Buellerā€™s Year Off #QuarantineAMovie

    17. The Mask becomesā€¦

    18. The Devil Wears Prada becomesā€¦

    @jimmyfallon The Devil wears pajamas #QuarantineAMovie

    19. Honey I Shrunk the Kids becomesā€¦

    Honey I Homeschooled The Kids #QuarantineAMovie

    20. Zoolander becomesā€¦

    21. And Ryan Reynolds reminded us all of his 2010 thriller:

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