"The Proud Family" Reboot Trailer Is Here, And It's Everything Disney Kids Want It To Be

    There's SO many amazing guest stars!

    It feels like it's been ages since we got our first sneak peek at Disney+'s The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder — but the long wait for the highly anticipated reboot of the 2001 classic is almost over!

    An older Penny lying on her bed and looking at her phone

    The new series is set to premiere on Feb. 23 on the streamer, which means we're only about a month away from brand-new Suga Mama (and Puff!) content.

    Suga Mama coming through the front door of the Proud Family home with her poodle Puff

    To get us through until then, we have our very first full-length trailer, and it truly does look louder and prouder than ever before.

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    In case you're wondering, the show will feature an updated version of The Proud Family's iconic theme song (originally performed by Solange and Destiny's Child). The reboot version has the same lyrics and melody, but is a contemporary version sung by Joyce Wrice.

    In the reboot, the one and only Penny Proud is now in high school, which means navigating dating along with her father Oscar's...um, parenting techniques.

    Oscar dressing Penny in knight's armor while her mother looks on

    But just like on the classic series, for every one of Oscar's antics, Suga Mama is right there to call him out.

    A displeased Suga Mama

    Seriously, every...single...time...

    Suga Mama inflicting bodily harm to Oscar with her cane as Trudy and the twins, BeBe and CeCe, look on

    And while the animation style is all new and refreshed for 2022, all of the heart, hilarity, and our favorite characters are back — it's an instant dose of nostalgia!

    The Proud Family squished together on the couch

    And if that weren't enough, the season will have a TON of major names as guest stars — so make sure you're listening extra carefully when you watch.

    Guest stars include Lizzo, Tiffany Haddish, Gabrielle Union, Cedric the Entertainer, Lil Nas X, Soleil Moon Frye, Leslie Odom Jr., Carlos Mencia and more

    So, now the official countdown begins — February 23 can't come soon enough!