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16 "Riverdale" And "Suite Life" Connections That Are Fucking Hilarious

Where Cody Martin and Jughead Jones collide!

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1. This rare photo of Jughead and Archie...

2. well as this one of Juggy and Jason Blossom:

3. The time Jughead had a solid housing backup plan...

4. This really confusing truth...

5. ...and the explanation behind it:

6. This perfect Riverdale Season 2 casting:

7. ...and this one too:

I really want @CW_Riverdale to cast Tyreesha as Jellybean Jones

8. And speaking of Tyreesha, here's an important spelling clarification:

its lili, not "lily" its madelaine, not "madeline" its camila, not "camilla" its tyreesha, not "cole" RESPECT is key.

9. This fantastic reference to a Suite Life quote...

10. ...and this one:

11. This perfect mashup of Jughead's famous "weirdo" monologue:

12. This important deleted scene...

13. ...and this one:

14. This haunting comparison:

15. This very valid point:

16. And of course, this footage of literally all of us '00s Disney kids watching Riverdale now:

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