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    Here's A Bunch Of Fucking Hilarious Tweets About The TBH App

    "My life is falling apart but this tbh app is boosting my ego."

    If you've been on social media recently, you've probably seen a tweet or two about a popular new app called tbh — a place where you can anonymously answer positive questions about your friends.

    A lot of people are praising tbh because all of the questions on the app really are so positive...

    I absolutely love the TBH app because there's no negative questions. If you receive a gem, either expect a smile or laugh out of it 😅💕

    I'm with this tbh app. It's the only weird teenager app that gasses you up instead of gassing you down.

    ...which means the whole experience is like one big ego boost:

    i got the TBH app yesterday and i've gotten 100+ compliments IM SO DEAD I CANT BELIEVE MY CLASSMATES LIKED ME THIS MUCH

    Ik it's just a dumb app, and the sayings don't mean anything, but that tbh app makes me feel a little better about myself and that's nice

    my life is falling apart but this tbh app is boosting my ego

    Me: that new TBH app is pointless TBH: "Someone picked you" Me: WHOWHATWHY

    The tbh app makes me want to cry. It boosts my self esteem so high

    People are slowly realizing that their tbh gems (aka what you earn when people answer questions about you) could have some excellent real-life applications:

    *at a job interview* Interviewer: "Do you have a resume with you?" Me: "No, but here are my top gems from the tbh app"

    what if instead of personal essay questions, we give colleges a list of our popular tbh gems- probably a more accurate representation of me

    While others are a bit confused about why their dating lives are so complicated when they're getting so many 🔥 compliments on tbh:

    y'all wanna date me on that tbh app but not in real life???? ok

    if all these people on the app tbh are telling my I'm cute then how come I don't have a boyfriend

    the tbh app tells me how many girls tryna be cuffed but not who and idk how i'm suppose to cuff

    And while some people are getting sick of seeing tbh everywhere...

    Whatever this tbh app thing is, please stop posting to your snapchat. Nobody cares

    okay I understand if you want to use that "tbh app" but you dont need to post ab it on ur snap story 24/7, just saying !

    BITCH don't tell me how many gems you have on tbh cause i don't give a single fuck

    ...others are just out here trying to make the most of their gems:

    I use all my gems on the tbh app as soon as they roll in. No gem hoarding here

    if u get a tbh app invitation from me sorry i don't wanna use my gems even tho i don't know what they're for

    I don't trust anyone who has over 1k gems on TBH

    Because, at the end of the day, tbh is the shiny new social media toy of the moment and if you're don't have it there's probably a reason:

    If you're not on the TBH app, god you're sad and old