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People Aren't Thrilled That Kylie Jenner Made The Forbes 100 List

She made $41 million last year...

At just 19 years old, Kylie Jenner is officially the youngest person on the Forbes 100 celebrity list this year.

Nicholas Hunt / Getty Images

The star took home $41 million from Kylie Cosmetics, her fashion line, endorsements and so much more.

When the list came out, Kylie was excited to learn the news.

wow woke up the youngest entry on the @Forbes 100 list .. 🙏

But some people weren't exactly thrilled about it:

@AnnaDiRas @KylieJenner @Forbes Be born wealthy, apparently that's some we should all aspire to now. Seriously thou…

Twitter / Via Twitter: @KaoticDrew

You know things get messier these days when you realize that Kylie Jenner got paid more than Rihanna in Forbes list.

Kylie Jenner stole someones designs 2 days ago and is on the Forbes 100 list meanwhile my paper gets a 2% on turnitin and my prof grills me

Of course others came to King Kylie's defense:

Can we stop to talk about how Kylie Jenner is the youngest of Forbes list on position 59 with a fortune that others took a life to achieve.

Kylie Jenner didn't get on the Forbes list because her family is rich. She made it because of her hard work Give her some credit 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

@KylieJenner @Forbes You go girl @KylieJenner

But the whole thing really just made people question everything, TBH...

Kylie Jenner is the same age as me and has made the Forbes list already...

Kylie Jenner is v close to my age and on the Forbes 100 list, meanwhile I have £13 and £100 of bills waiting to come out 😐

So at 19 Kylie Jenner has made the Forbes rich list and at 19 I have just eaten popcorn for lunch

In the wise words of Kylie:

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