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    Noah Centineo Shared His First Times With Us And It Was Peter Kavinsky AF

    "I love being sentimental and remembering things."

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    Admit it. The minute you saw Noah Centineo on screen as Peter Kavinsky in To All the Boys I've Loved Before you fell...hard. It was like experiencing falling in love for the first time, all over again.

    Peter K. is romantic, supportive, and sweet without being overly saccharine — and we're thrilled to report that Noah is exactly the same IRL. "I love being sentimental and remembering things," he told us. "I literally am a sentimentalist."

    We put him to the nostalgia test and asked him to recall some iconic first moments in his life, and these stories will brighten your day.

    So get to know the guy who's destined to be the next big rom-com hero. To All the Boys I've Loved Before is (obviously!) already out on Netflix, and his next role as Jamey in Sierra Burgess Is a Loser (September 7) is just as delightful. Here's what he shared.

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    What was your best first date?


    NC: So this was when I lived at The W Hotel...[it] has a really cool rooftop. Sweet pool. Big W. She had come over late afternoon, sometime close to sunset, or just before. And I said bring a book. And we traded. And I gave her The Celestine Prophecy and she gave me You Are The One by Kute Blackson. And we read for like three hours.

    What was your first AIM account name?


    NC: Ahh! Oh god, what was my first AIM account name? I used to love that, that’s where I used to get all my music from. The top 10, top 5. I remember "Pon De Replay" was on that and "One Two Step", and they put the videos up and it was so cool. I think Hilary Duff was on that all the time as well.

    What was your first cell phone?


    NC: My parents were never on board with the idea of us having cell phones, but I was lucky because when I was 11, I went to a performing arts school that was really far away from where we lived — not really far away, but far enough away that I had to take the train to school...public transit. So they bought me a Verizon Chocolate that you slide it up and you can text and you slide it back down and had little touch tones on it and it was fantastic.

    What was your first pet?


    NC: I think it was a rabbit named Princess. Yeah and then we had a dog, and the dog ate the rabbit. And that was the end of the first pet. It was also the first death I ever really experienced. It was morbid.

    When did you first realize you were famous?


    NC: I was 15 years old. I had just moved to LA. I was at the AMC Century City movie theater with my mom and we were walking through the lobby and these girls came up to me and they said “Are you Dallas from Austin & Ally — and I was like — YEAH, yeah. And they were like, "Can we have a picture with you?" and I was like, “Yeah sure of course." And we took pictures and my mom was kind of just standing there beaming. and I was like dang. DANG.

    Check out Noah in To All the Boys I've Loved Before (out now) and Sierra Burgess Is A Loser (out September 7) — both on Netflix.


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