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    Nicki Minaj Has Been Quietly Sending Money To A Village In India For Years

    Her charity work is truly inspiring!

    Nicki Minaj has been in the news a lot recently for spreading positivity — most recently she went on a Twitter spree where she paid off fans' student loans and tuition fees.

    But, one thing you may not know about Nicki is that she's been quietly helping a village in India. In two Instagram posts, she revealed that she's been sending money through her pastor. To date, her efforts have brought the village a computer center, tailoring institute, reading program and two water wells.

    "I'm so proud of our sisters in India. God is so good. Their desire was to have water wells & places where they can worship, places where they can learn technology, computers, reading," Nicki wrote.

    "We're just getting started. These women are us and we are them!"

    So inspirational! Keep an eye out, because Nicki said she'll share more details about her charity work in case anyone wants to get involved in the future. 🙏🏻