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    Posted on Oct 20, 2017

    This Mitchel Musso Tweet About His "Hannah Montana" Clothes Is Fucking Hilarious

    "Why do they do me so dirty?"

    There were so many things to love about Hannah Montana — the music, the ~comedy~, the fact that it introduced the world to Miley Cyrus — the list goes on and on.

    Disney Channel

    But star Mitchel Musso (who played Oliver on the show) just pointed out something hilarious on Twitter — his wardrobe on the show was pretty questionable:

    fuckin Diamond plaid, double collar, pants like wtf lookin motherfucka and the shoes? What in the actual fuck. Why…

    "Fuckin diamond plaid..."

    Disney Channel

    "Double collar..."

    Disney Channel

    "Pants like wtf lookin motherfucka"

    Disney Channel


    Disney Channel

    It was truly A LOOK. People were dying over Mitchel's hilariously accurate tweet:

    I’m crying bc I never even questioned the weird ass outfits they put Disney stars in when I was little

    @mitchelmusso Wait you didnt dress like that in real life?!?

    @mitchelmusso I know who I'm going as for Halloween!

    Some questioned his knowledge of popular clothing patterns...

    why does mitchel musso not know what argyle is?? calling it diamond plaid????

    @mitchelmusso Come on Mitchell “diamond plaid”??? That is argyle my dude don’t hate if you don’t know what you’re hatin 🤦🏻‍♂️

    ...while others just wanted to commit to him for life:

    idk bout y’all but i’d marry mitchel musso... he just seems so mf genuinely funny.

    Please never change, Mitchel Musso.

    Disney Channel

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