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    Posted on Jul 27, 2017

    Miley Cyrus Is So Proud To Be Dating Liam Hemsworth And It's Cute AF

    "U r an angel."

    So, a few weeks ago I noticed that Miley Cyrus is truly like the rest of us plebes after she questioned Liam Hemsworth's photo choice in this Insta post:

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @mileycyrus

    But it wasn't just a one time thing — recently, she's been leaving the most precious comments on his photos and I quite honestly can't handle it.

    RCA Records UK / Via

    Like, Liam posted this cute throwback of Miley...

    ...and she responded like this:

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @liamhemsworth

    Or when Liam celebrated World Oceans Day...

    ...and Miley shared her love for her Mali-boo with the whole world the way we all share our emotions — with ocean emojis and matching blue hearts:

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @liamhemsworth

    Or earlier this week when Liam posted an extremely hideous, not-at-all attractive selfie...

    ...and Miley was like, "Damn, my man is hot."

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @liamhemsworth

    And apparently Miley isn't the only Cyrus who lurks on Liam's Instagram and leaves comments. Like there was the time Liam posted this...

    ...and he convinced Miley's mom that dinosaurs are literally roaming this Earth:

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @liamhemsworth

    Or this perfect birthday post...

    ...which prompted TIsh to say what we were honestly all thinking:

    Instagram / Via Instagram: @tishcyrus

    Basically this just confirms that Liam and Miley are truly relationship goals in every single way and I ship them forever and always. THE END.

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