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Max Greenfield Getting Absolutely Roasted By His Daughter While Homeschooling Is Making My Day

"How long does it take one person to type Massachusetts?"

Like so many parents, New Girl's Max Greenfield — the one and only Schmidt! — has been homeschooling his daughter, Lilly during these days of social distancing.

Throughout the process, he's been sharing videos and photos documenting his adventures in homeschooling, and honestly they are funny enough to be their own hit sitcom on Fox.

Seriously, this is my new favorite show! The important cast of characters you need to know are: Max, Lilly (an absolute comedy queen) and Max's quarantine mustache.

The updates have been such quality entertainment, I really need you to see them all. Here's absolutely everything you've missed so far:

1. When Max read from a book called The Birchbark House, with a delivery so exceptional he deserves a Grammy:

And he got dragged by his New Girl costar, Lamorne Morris (aka Winston)…

…and then absolutely reamed by Lilly reporting back to her teachers:

2. When he joked, "How long does it take one person to type Massachusetts?" and Lilly had a quick comeback at the ready:

And his wife, Tess, started to grow concerned:

3. When Lilly tried to do TikTok dances during a lesson and Teacher Max was not having it:

4. When Lilly absolutely dragged her dad for drinking and smoking during his school days:

5. When Teacher Max was tired because he was up late watching Tiger King, which Lilly thought was "like The Lion King"…

6. …and then he did his due diligence explaining the plot of Tiger King:

7. And, of course, when Lilly completely shut down Max and his "dog shit voice" during this Dua Lipa singalong:

Thank you Max and Lilly, my new favorite comedy duo. I, for one, am now anticipating these homeschooling updates more than anything during these tough times.

Can't wait to see what's in store next week!