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    "Mare Of Easttown" Has So Many Twists, So Here Are 12 Questions I Need Answered Immediately

    *Stares at the back of a photograph for the next week*

    Warning: This post contains mentions of statutory rape.

    Well, it's the start of another work week — or as I like to call it, filler time between episodes of Mare of Easttown.

    🚨Warning: Massive Mare of Easttown spoilers ahead! 🚨

    So to get us through until next week's finale, I decided to rant about everything that's on my mind right now. Specifically, many of the questions I need answered!

    And if you have any theories or questions, please share them in the comments. I plan to obsess over this for the foreseeable future!

    1. Alright, of course the first question is...what's in the photo that Jess handed over to Chief Carter????????

    The police chief  looking at the photo with the caption "will you keep trying to enhance the back of this photo for the next week or ARE YOU NORMAL?"

    2. Did Billy actually murder Erin, or was it another member of the Ross family...namely John?

    One thing I saw a lot of people saying on Twitter was how the receipt for Erin's necklace only said "Ross." However, if you look to the left, it DOES says that Billy Ross is the client. Just something to think about.

    The receipt for Erin's necklace pointing out the client names

    3. Okay, this hurts my heart, but also...could it have been Lori who killed Erin?

    4. While we are talking about the Ross family, what exactly did Ryan see and what are they covering up?

    Lori and Ryan Ross in episode 5

    5. Who thought that bathtub scene was okay?

    Drew in the bathtub

    6. Also, why didn't Carrie turn off the water after she woke up????

    Carrie and Drew by the bath with the caption "water still running"

    7. Why did Jess say she thought Frank was the father?

    Jess telling Lori she thinks the baby's father is Frank Sheehan

    8. What is Dylan trying to hide so badly in those journals, and why did Jess go along with it?

    Dylan intimidating Jess from his car

    9. Has this man ever said one true thing in his life?

    Deacon Mark being questioned

    10. Do we all owe this man an apology?

    Mare and Richard talking on her couch

    11. Which Ross brother packed the gun, and what is going to happen on this fly fishing trip?

    Billy finding the gun in the fly fishing box

    12. WHY, MARE??? WHY???

    Okay, well I'm glad I got that all off my chest. I'm sure I missed plenty of questions, so please talk about them in the comments!