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    "Mare Of Easttown" Has So Many Twists, So Here Are 12 Questions I Need Answered Immediately

    *Stares at the back of a photograph for the next week*

    Warning: This post contains mentions of statutory rape.

    Well, it's the start of another work week — or as I like to call it, filler time between episodes of Mare of Easttown.


    I am already not coping well with next week being the last episode EVER. And I could write an entirely different rant about how amazing Kate Winslet, Jean Smart, and truly everyone in this cast is, but I digress.

    🚨Warning: Massive Mare of Easttown spoilers ahead! 🚨

    So to get us through until next week's finale, I decided to rant about everything that's on my mind right now. Specifically, many of the questions I need answered!

    And if you have any theories or questions, please share them in the comments. I plan to obsess over this for the foreseeable future!

    1. Alright, of course the first question is...what's in the photo that Jess handed over to Chief Carter????????

    The police chief  looking at the photo with the caption "will you keep trying to enhance the back of this photo for the next week or ARE YOU NORMAL?"

    If you're like me, you threw something at your screen in Elle Woods–style rage when you realized that they weren't going to show us what was in the photo Jess kept from Erin's journals this week.

    My bet would be an incriminating pic of John Ross and Erin (more on this soon), but I've been extremely wrong before and I am certain I will be again! Regardless, I've been having a VERY NORMAL MORNING zooming in and trying to analyze it.

    2. Did Billy actually murder Erin, or was it another member of the Ross family...namely John?

    HBO's what we know — or at least what we think we know: Billy and John's dad saw Billy covered in blood. John coaxed Billy into saying he killed Erin. And, who knows, maybe this will be straightforward and the guy who had blood all over himself and said he killed the person...actually killed the person. Shocking, I know.

    Except, I don't know! John was acting super manipulative??? We know Billy drinks, so maybe he was blackout drunk and John convinced him he did it to protect himself (or even his son, but more on that in a minute)? Or maybe they did it together?

    And there's also the distinct possibility that Billy murdered Erin but John is the statutory rapist who fathered her child.

    One thing I saw a lot of people saying on Twitter was how the receipt for Erin's necklace only said "Ross." However, if you look to the left, it DOES says that Billy Ross is the client. Just something to think about.

    The receipt for Erin's necklace pointing out the client names

    Of course, John VERY EASILY might have given Billy's name, especially if we're going with the theory that he's manipulating and framing his brother.

    3. Okay, this hurts my heart, but also...could it have been Lori who killed Erin?

    Michele K. Short/HBO

    That would be quite the twist. If John is the father of Erin's baby, Lori certainly has motive. However, for Mare and Lori's kids' sake, I cannot bear to believe this theory, so I reject it.

    4. While we are talking about the Ross family, what exactly did Ryan see and what are they covering up?

    Lori and Ryan Ross in episode 5
    Michele K. Short/HBO

    So we can all agree that this kid knows more than just "catching his dirtbag dad with Sandra again"... right? Even the way John said "Lori thinks I had an affair again" sounded like there was way more to the story.

    At minimum, I feel like Ryan knows a lot more about what happened to Erin. But we also did see this kid beat the crap out of a kid with a tray (for good reason, but still!). Just saying, he has a history of violence, so we can't rule out the theory that he killed Erin and his dad helped him cover up the whole thing to protect him.

    Yes, this show has me over here wondering if a 10-year-old is a murderer. I need to watch something more soothing next...

    5. Who thought that bathtub scene was okay?

    Drew in the bathtub

    Assuming it's from the same brilliant mind that brought us "Will Dylan smother this baby with a pillow?" a few weeks ago.

    I...just wanna talk. I'm still stressed out.

    6. Also, why didn't Carrie turn off the water after she woke up????

    Carrie and Drew by the bath with the caption "water still running"

    Same energy as Mare not cleaning up the milk that was thrown through her window back in Episode 2.

    It feels like this scene might lead to Mare keeping custody of Drew, or Carrie realizing that she'll definitely need help. I'd like to think they could all be one big happy family, but Mare DID plant drugs on her, so...

    7. Why did Jess say she thought Frank was the father?

    Jess telling Lori she thinks the baby's father is Frank Sheehan

    Okay, so remember how Episode 2 ended with Jess saying she thought Frank Sheehan was Erin's baby's father? We still don't know WHY she said that. Was it just to obstruct the case? Could she have possibly misunderstood or confused something (or confused Frank for John? They kind of sort of look alike)? Did Dylan blackmail her? Or was it just because Frank had helped Erin out with supplies? I need to know.

    8. What is Dylan trying to hide so badly in those journals, and why did Jess go along with it?

    Dylan intimidating Jess from his car

    Okay, so right now, things are looking VERY bad for the Ross family. So, what the heck does that have to do with Dylan? Where WAS he when Erin was murdered, and why does he want these journals destroyed so badly? And why are "the three of them joined together forever"?

    Also, how is this dude just, like, fully in marathon-ready condition with basically zero side effects from getting shot at pretty close range just a few episodes ago???

    9. Has this man ever said one true thing in his life?

    Deacon Mark being questioned

    Answer: no.

    10. Do we all owe this man an apology?

    Mare and Richard talking on her couch
    Michele K. Short/HBO

    At minimum, I thought he was using Mare to write a book or something, but now I kind of think he might just be a nice single dude who wants to date Kate Winslet because she's Kate Freakin' Winslet. Honestly, if he ends up being sinister, I'd be way too sad for Helen Fahey.

    11. Which Ross brother packed the gun, and what is going to happen on this fly fishing trip?

    Billy finding the gun in the fly fishing box

    I personally read it as John packed the gun and Billy found it, but it could go either way.

    But, if John IS trying to manipulate and frame Billy, why would he want him dead? My brain hurts, I need to rest.

    12. WHY, MARE??? WHY???


    This is an evergreen question that I shout at my screen a few times per episode. But, COME ON, Mare — you just NARROWLY escaped death last week and now you've been warned to wait for police backup while walking into yet another extremely dangerous situation. I'm already very stressed for whatever's about to happen.

    Okay, well I'm glad I got that all off my chest. I'm sure I missed plenty of questions, so please talk about them in the comments!