My Jaw Is Still On The Floor From "Mare Of Easttown," And We're Only On Episode 2

    Ummm...I need answers.

    If you're looking for a gripping new crime drama to watch, look no further — HBO's Mare of Easttown starring Kate Winslet and Evan Peters is exactly what you're looking for.

    Kate Winslet in Mare of Easttown

    The first episode of the season was a lot of backstory, setup, and Kate Winslet eating breakfast sandwiches and Cheez Whiz:

    Kate Winslet eating Cheez Whiz. The first great pop culture moment of 2021. #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @RTarant

    Gotta wash that down with some wooder.

    But the whole second episode, which introduced Evan Peters as Detective Colin Zabel, had me with my jaw on the floor — especially the absolutely CHAOTIC last two minutes.

    Kate winslet with the caption "don't cry over spilled milk...that's chucked through your living room window"

    🚨Warning: MASSIVE spoilers ahead! 🚨

    First of all, Erin's father Kenny FULLY SHOOTS Dylan (her baby's father) because he is so convinced that he killed her.

    Picture of

    Turns out the whole "dad murdering a teenager" thing wasn't even the wildest thing to happen at the end of the episode. In the final moments, we learn that Dylan might not even BE the father of Erin's baby! Erin's BFF Jessica reveals that...drumroll please...Mare's ex-husband FRANK SHEEHAN is. (Or probably is? Or might be?)

    Frank with the caption "What the HECK, Roy from The Office"

    Anyway, the whole thing was A LOT, and I'm still processing and can't wait for next week. Here's what Twitter had to say about the episode and ~that~ ending:


    You think the father is WHO!?!? #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @AliceWeaton


    Kate Winslet's character not even flinching at the jug of milk crashing through her window & continuing to eat her sandwich is the kind of no f*cks energy I aspire to. #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @MovieManiac89


    Ok Guy Pearce is majorly sus in Mare of Easttown. A new writer who just moved to town who hit on Mare mercilessly, a huge grouch in a button down corduroy shirt. Doesn’t add up memento guy

    Twitter: @mindykaling


    The moment Frank asked details about the investigation... my true crime senses started tingling #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @itssmayraaa


    Me suspecting every single person in #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @SausageToot


    Mare of Easttown is making me paranoid. Haven’t been so suspicious of an entire group of townsfolk since Broadchurch.

    Twitter: @CAKennedy6


    Me the whole time tonight watching episode2 of #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @NikitaMarie__


    Me at the end of episode 2 #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @biancal0pes


    evan peters playing a reasonable adult with a regular job in mare of easttown is what he deserves, what i deserve, what hbo deserves

    Twitter: @brianajflynn


    I love having a show to look forward to every sunday, but if I had access to this entire season... #MareOfEasttown

    Twitter: @kaayyypaiges


    very bold of the plot twist in Episode 2 of "Mare of Easttown" to rely so heavily on me remembering every single name of its 500 characters

    Twitter: @SpencerAlthouse


    I can’t wait for next week. That ending! #MareofEasttown

    Twitter: @Sexy_goddess01


    waiting for the next episode of #mareofeasttown like

    Twitter: @meloathdy