Here's Every "Lizzie McGuire" Reboot Pic We've Seen So Far

    Seeing Lizzie and Gordo together in 2019 is the best thing to happen so far this year.

    Unless you're living under a rock, you know that Lizzie McGuire is getting rebooted on Disney+ and the cartoon version of me has been doing cartwheels ever since the news was announced.

    With each passing day, we're getting more and more glimpses into the 2019 world of Lizzie McGuire. Here's everything the cast has posted so far:

    1. This McGuire family portrait that is just so joyful and perfect.

    2. This look from the first day of filming…

    3. …which got a comment from Hallie Todd aka Jo McGuire. Leaving emojis on an Instagram pic is 100% the kind of supportive behavior I'd expect from Jo in 2019.

    4. This BTS pic which shows Lizzie IN A LISA FRANK T-SHIRT (!!!!). I swear, this reboot is trying to kill me.

    5. There's this perfect pic of Lizzie and Gordo (Adam Lamberg), which was released when Disney+ confirmed that he would be in the reboot

    6. …and then there's this full-body shot that Hilary posted, which looks so much like a modern-day Gordo and Lizzie, it's almost like no time has passed at all.

    7. I also am obsessed with Hilary's caption on the photo…

    8. …and also love that Jake Thomas (aka Matt) adorably commented this:

    9. Hilary posted this ~artsy~ selfie from set, if you wanted another angle of that hairdo/"L" necklace.

    10. Also, here's the look without that iconic green top.

    11. And if you wanted to see Lizzie and Gordo INTERACT, just watch this whole thing:

    12. There's this photo from Hallie with her badge and Jo's glasses that's just so precious.

    13. And then here are some modern-day candids of the McGuire fam that honestly feel like real family photos.

    14. But the cherry on top of both of those pics was Hallie's caption, which referenced THE quintessential Lizzie McGuire bra episode.

    15. There's this hilarious TikTok that Jake posted on his IG story of his reaction to the Gordo casting news.

    16. And finally, there's this epic piece of art: Jake Thomas getting pelted by a dodgeball in a modern version of that opening credits sequence.

    Basically, my anticipation for this reboot is at an all-time high, and we are so lucky to be getting Lizzie McGuire in the age of social media.