18 "Little Fires Everywhere" Tweets For Everyone Who's Already Completely Obsessed

    Kerry! Reese! Joshua in tighty-whities!

    🔥 Spoilers for the first three episodes of Little Fires Everywhere ahead. 🔥

    Last week, Hulu gave us a little gift in the form of the first three episodes of Little Fires Everywhere — and it couldn't have come at a better time, tbh.

    From the INCREDIBLE performances by Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon to the amazingly talented teen cast to Joshua Jackson (yes, PACEY) in tighty-whities, this show is absolutely delivering on every count.

    Here are some tweets about those first three episodes to help tide us over until Wednesday:


    You not wrong. #LittleFiresEverywhere https://t.co/jvlMmIO8VM


    elena richardson is basically just a midwestern madeline mckenzie there i said it #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Seeing Joshua Jackson playing Dad roles has me feeling some sort of way. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    "It's not Wednesday or Saturday." Bitch, that's Pacey, f*ck your schedule! 😅 #LittleFiresEverywhere


    But wait, that’s how my books are IRL 🤦🏾‍♀️ #LittleFiresEverywhere https://t.co/23tL4FfhFp


    nobody: pearl when trip acknowledges her: #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Waaaiiittt....so Pearl likes Trip, Moody likes Pearl, and Izzy keeps giving Pearl eyes? Oooh child this is about to get messy. #LittleFiresEverywhere


    these references tho #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Bitch Trip likes Pearl Moody’s heart is about to be broken I cannot take it #LittleFiresEverywhere


    i *know* someone has a gif of JJ in them white briefs 😏😏😏 i paused and hit rewind a couple of times. WE NEED MORE OF THIS CONTENT DURING THESE FRIGHTENING TIMES, IJS #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Elena makes me cringe every time she speaks #LittleFiresEverywhere


    Kerry Washington every time Reese Witherspoon speaks to her in #LittleFiresEverywhere🔥 Why did y’all let me watch all 3 episodes?! 😭 I’m bored, again!!


    Just you wait...👀 #LittleFiresEverywhere https://t.co/cpGQcdfRBM


    NEVER!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL #LittleFiresEverywhere https://t.co/oFvqb5t0AD


    When you find out #LittleFiresEverywhere comes out weekly


    you’re telling me I gotta wait till wednesday to see ep 4 of #LittleFiresEverywhere...


    Me outside of Hulu offices demanding the release of all remaining Little Fires Everywhere episodes at once


    Ok, so #LittleFiresEverywhere is THE show to watch right now. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

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