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17 Lil Nas X Tweets From 2020 That Genuinely Made Me Laugh Out Loud

"Anybody want my hand in marriage?"

1. When Twitter worked its magic for him:

good job twitter

2. When he shared his own epic version of the "how it started vs. how it's going" meme:

how it started: how it’s going:

3. When he shared this not at all photoshopped, very real picture of him on a private jet:

thankful for it all ❤️💯

4. When he had a plan:

wanna date someone from the uk so they can call me lad during sex

5. When he clarified his name:

i’m tired of being silent about this! it’s “Lil Nas the 10th” not “Lil Nas Ex”

6. When he revealed his Pixar-themed bed:

who want me? i make music, i be funny on twitter sometimes, and i have a lightning mcqueen twin bed.

7. When he had an interesting proposal for the government:

why do i only get sad at night? this is why the government needs to get rid of night time

8. When he revealed his true passion:

if i turned this page into an alvin and the chipmunks stan account would u guys still support me

9. When he found out how his name is captioned:

just found out youtube captions my name as little no sex

10. When he proposed:

anybody want my hand in marriage?

11. When he was a "one hit wonder":

i guess the only one hit wonder who gotta grammy nominated platinum ep containing a platinum single, an almost 5x platinum song, & a diamond single before even dropping a debut album. 😔

12. When he finally got a text back:

nevermind he texted back

13. When this very real interaction with his 3-month-old niece happened:

my 3 month old niece came up to me and said “uncle i sincerely hope they are streaming holiday you vigorously worked on it and it’s quite the outstanding piece of work”. i’m gonna go cry y’all. 😢

14. When he took the whole realistic cake thing a step too far:

me at a funeral after saying we should cut the person open to see if they’re cake

15. When he needed some more money:

gonna start back releasing music soon the old town road money running out

16. When he yearned for the good old days:

the clubs need to open back up i miss standing on the wall and looking at my phone and taking a video every ten minutes so everybody knows i’m having fun

17. And when he revealed that people are recognizing him for his amazing tweets now:

people come up to me and ask me if i’m “lil nas from twitter” now

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