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    I Can't Stop Laughing At These 17 Extremely Good "Legally Blonde" Tweets

    "What, like it's hard?"

    Calling all Elle Woods stans — Legally Blonde is streaming on Netflix again, which means I have big plans to rewatch it approximately 100 times in the foreseeable future.

    Elle and Chutney in court
    MGM / Courtesy Everett Collection

    It's been 20 years since the movie came out in theaters, and it still holds up, much like a perm with ammonium thioglycolate. To celebrate, here are a bunch of tweets you'll appreciate if you're still as obsessed as you were in 2001.

    And if these tweets make you bend and/or snap, be sure to give these tweeters a follow!


    getting vaccinated DOES NOT mean that you can wet your hair within 24 hours after getting a perm at the risk of deactivating the ammonium thioglycolate

    Twitter: @CaitlynMAcevedo


    has there ever been a more pivotal offscreen character than Tracy Marcinko in Legally Blonde

    Twitter: @MarcSnetiker


    Paulette from Legally Blonde is an icon for 5 key reasons — “I’m taking the dog, dumbass” is all 5

    Twitter: @Z_ninetales


    In Legally Blonde, when Warner said “You are the girl for me. Boo bear i love you.” & Elle said “I’ve waited so long to hear you say that. But if i’m going to be a partner in a law firm by the time i’m 30, i need a boyfriend who’s not such a complete bonehead.” I gained a hero.

    Twitter: @sabrinacebra


    Them: are you ok? Me: *is thinking about how they show a box of hair dye on Elle Woods’ dresser in the first 5 minutes of Legally Blonde but you KNOW she would NEVER use box dye* Yeah I’m fine! Just tired!

    Twitter: @elizardd


    if Elle Woods can make it through Harvard Law School watching her ex’s fiancé flaunt a ring the whole time THEN YOU CAN MAKE IT THROUGH ANYTHING

    Twitter: @SoooSami


    THE SOCIAL NETWORK starts in fall 2003 and Elle Woods is Harvard Law class of 2004 in LEGALLY BLONDE. This means Elle Woods and Mark Zuckerberg were at Harvard at the same time. In this essay, I -

    Twitter: @emmylanepotter


    when are we all gonna get over the quotes from casablanca and the godfather and admit that “I’m taking the dog dumbass” from legally blonde is the most powerful line in film history

    Twitter: @momaesthetic_


    Elle Woods after bending

    Twitter: @feistyfrank


    "remember when I took the LSAT because of Legally Blonde?" overheard at the office today

    Twitter: @MelineDisney


    elle woods explaining that taking a shower after getting a perm would deactivate the ammonium thyioglycolate, Chutney windham

    Twitter: @heauxmeaux96


    Elle Woods is so icnonic. After busting her ass to get into law school, all it took for her to get Chutney Windham to confess to murder was her pre-existing knowledge of hair care

    Twitter: @em_mmarie


    Legally Blonde is really THAT film. Bettering your life, getting a Harvard education, dissing a fuckboy all while looking fabulous?A concept

    Twitter: @MIUMlUMUSE


    Idk who needs to hear this, but Elle Woods got a 179 on her LSAT and had a perfect GPA. She didn’t actually stumble into Harvard Law. If you think that was the point of the movie, you should, uh, watch it again.

    Twitter: @lanewriteswords


    some of you forgot about ammonium thioglycolate and it shows.

    Twitter: @netflix


    the Legally Blonde outro of “Warner graduated without honors, without a girlfriend and without any job offers” is what made me a feminist send tweet

    Twitter: @kellannpow

    17. And, finally, Reese Witherspoon's pandemic-appropriate reference:

    Elle Woods approves this message 💕

    Twitter: @ReeseW