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Here's What 26 Kids From 2000s And 2010s Movies Look Like Now

Just over here thinking about Zero from Holes for the rest of the day...

1. Here's what Tyler Posey looked like in Maid in Manhattan (2002):

Jennifer Lopez giving him a kiss on the cheek

Here's what Tyler Posey looks like now:

Tyler wearing a short-sleeved button down exposing his tattoos

2. Here's what Freddie Highmore looked like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005):

close up of Freddie holding the golden ticket with short brown hair

Here's what Freddie Highmore looks like now:

close up of Freddie in a suit

3. Here's what Jordan Fry looked like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005):

close up of Jordan playing video games and grimacing

Here's what Jordan Fry looks like now:

4. Here's what AnnaSophia Robb looked like in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005):

AnnaSophia in a zip track jacket and short bob with bangs

...and in Bridge to Terebithia (2007):

close up AnnaSophia who still has a short bob

Here's what AnnaSophia Robb looks like now:

on the red carpet with short hair and a dress with cut outs in the front

5. Here's what Taylor Parks looked like as Little Inez in Hairspray (2007):

Taylor in a '50s style dress and pigtails and bangs

Here's what Taylor Parks aka Tayla Parx looks like now:

Tayla holding her long braid and wearing a dinosaur-esque outfit on the red carpet

6. Here's what Rachel Covey looked like in Enchanted (2007):

Rachel wearing a school uniform and pig tails

Here's what Rachel Covey looks like now:

7. Here's what Storm Reid looked like in A Wrinkle in Time (2018):

close up of Storm in a long sleeve with short curly hair

Here's what Storm Reid looks like now:

close up of Storm in a long dress and long hair

8. Here's what Amandla Stenberg looked like in The Hunger Games (2012):

close up of Amandla

Here's what Amandla Stenberg looks like now:

close up of Amandla wearing bedazzled nipple covers under a blazer

9. Here's what Willow Shields looked like in The Hunger Games (2012):

Willow in long braided pony tails

Here's what Willow Shields looks like now:

10. Here's what Quvenzhané Wallis looked like in Beasts of a Southern Wild (2012):

Quvenzhané  in a sleeveless top and short curly hair

Here's what Quvenzhané Wallis looks like now:

Quvenzhané  in a suit with long curly hair

11. Here's what Raini Rodriguez looked like in Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009):

Raini in a stripped T-shirt under a zip up hoodie

Here's what Raini Rodriguez looks like now:

12. Here's what Thomas Brodie-Sangster looked like in Love, Actually (2003):

Thomas smiling

Here's what Thomas Brodie-Sangster looks like now:

close up of Thomas with an earring

13. Here's what Olivia Olson looked like in Love Actually (2003):

Olivia with braids in her hair

Here's what Olivia Olson looks like now:

14. Here's what Jaden Smith looked like in The Karate Kid (2010):

close up of Jaden with braids and a backpack

Here's what Jaden Smith looks like now:

15. Here's what Khleo Thomas looked like in Holes (2003):

Khleo eating with curly hair

Here's what Khleo Thomas looks like now:

16. Here's what Asa Butterfield and Chloë Grace Moretz looked like in Hugo (2011):

close up of the two in a movie theater with tweed jackets and stripped shirts

Here's what Asa Butterfield looks like now:

Asa wearing a bucket hat, circular glasses and a casual outfit

Also, here's what Chloë Grace Moretz looked like in (500) Days of Summer (2009):

Chloe squinting in the sun

Here's what Chloë Grace Moretz looks like now:

Chloe in an asymmetrical top for an event

17. Here's what Griffin Gluck and Bailee Madison looked like in Just Go With It (2011):

close up of the two carrying backpacks next to Jennifer Aniston

Here's what Griffin Gluck looks like now:

close up in a suit

Here's what Bailee Madison looks like now:

18. Here's what Joey King looked like in Ramona and Beezus (2010):

Joey with a bob haircut and bangs

Here's what Joey King looks like now:

close up of Joey wearing a matching bra and jacket

19. Here's what Madison Pettis looked like in The Game Plan (2007):

Maddison wearing a football jersey

Here's what Madison Pettis looks like now:

20. Here's what Nicole Crimi looked like in Mean Girls (2004):

Nicole in a long sleeve and pants dancing

Here's what Nicole Crimi looks like now:

21. Here's what Jonah Bobo looked like in Zathura (2005):

Jonah in cargos and a button down playing a game

Here's what Jonah Bobo looks like now:

22. Here's what Jenna Boyd looked like in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005):

Jenny carrying camera gear

Here's what Jenna Boyd looks like now:

23. Here's what Abigail Breslin looked like in Little Miss Sunshine (2006):

Abigail wearing glasses, a jersey, and a sweatband on a her head

Here's what Abigail Breslin looks like now:

at an event wearing a dress and long hair

24. Here's what Spencer Breslin looked like in The Cat in the Hat

Spencer wearing a monochrome outfit

Here's what Spencer Breslin looks like now:

25. Here's what Christa B. Allen looked like in 13 Going on 30 (2004):

Christa wearing an off the shoulder '80s outfit with hair in a side pony

Here's what Christa B. Allen looks like now:

26. Here's what Sean Marqutte looked like in 13 Going on 30 (2004):

close up of Sean with long hair and zip up jacket

And here's what Sean Marquette looks like now: