Katharine McPhee Just Low-Key Shaded Taylor Hicks And, Holy 2006, It Was Funny

    "Voting matters..."

    Ahh, 2006, it was a different time. Millie Bobby Brown turned two and The Holiday came out. You know, the one where Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet invented Airbnb!

    Also, back in ye olden days of 2006, American Idol was still a really freakin' huge deal. It was Season 5, and the two finalists were Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee.

    That season had the highest ratings of ANY season of American Idol (sorry, Carrie and Kelly!) and there were 63.4 million votes cast to determine the winner.

    Anyway, the fateful vote revealed that Taylor Hicks defeated Katharine McPhee, even though she CONTINUALLY sang the hell out of that one version of "Over the Rainbow"!!!! As my dad would say, "Wow."

    That brings us to today, when Kat used her platform to encourage her fans to vote. She shared a picture of that fateful night along with two simple words: "voting matters" and an upside-down face emoji that spoke VOLUMES:

    voting matters 🙃 register here: https://t.co/1QdiNXD9Rk #midterms2018

    People were, as the kids probably don't even say anymore, SHOOK:

    @katharinemcphee Ooo girl you just singed my eyebrows off....🔥🔥🔥

    AHAHAHAHAH Kat McPhee the silent undiscovered twitter assassin https://t.co/poNcLUgsYz

    Katharine McPhee is the hero we need. Also, seriously, register to vote!!! https://t.co/HuakzbqLOj

    Thank you for the laughs and for getting people to vote, Kat. Alexa, play "Do I Make You Proud?".

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