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    Kate Hudson Called Out Jimmy Fallon For Never Making A Move When They Were Filming "Almost Famous"

    "If you had actually made a move, I would have totally gone there!"

    This story begins back in the year 2000, when Kate Hudson and Jimmy Fallon both appeared in the classic movie Almost Famous.

    Here is a genuinely incredible photo of them together at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards as proof:

    Anyway, the next thing you need to know in this tale is that when Margot Robbie appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018, Jimmy answered the question: "Do you have a co-star you thought you could have dated but didn't?"

    Now you have all the context you need, which brings us to last night, when Kate appeared on Jimmy's at-home version of his show.

    Kate and Jimmy started reminiscing about their time working on the movie, and then Kate goes:

    And then Jimmy does this, because he knows what's coming next…

    Kate explains, "I had like a hundred people send me that clip":

    And then Jimmy says, "I thought we were good together. We were good buddies. We hung out all the time" and Kate's face says it all:

    And then Kate revealed the truth after 20 years:

    And while the two acknowledge that everything could have been VERY different…

    …they obviously know things worked out for the best:

    But it sure was fun strolling down memory lane! Okay, now let's look at this pic again once more for good measure:

    Watch Kate's full interview here:

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