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Josh Peck Is Still Getting Hate Over The Drake Wedding Drama And He's Over It

"Let him enjoy a private happy life."

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Drake & Josh star Josh Peck should be having the time of his life right now after tying the knot last month, but instead he's still getting hate over the fact that Drake Bell wasn't invited to the wedding.

Josh has kept quiet about all the drama, but he's still getting mean tweets about Drake. Over the past couple of days, he couldn't help but finally like some tweets from fans standing up for him:

@Kattaccino @ItsJoshPeck @dandragonthorn For anyone that is still shaming him, please stop. The wedding is not your…

@ItsJoshPeck @BrittanyFurlan @Klarity @MattJCutshall @anwar Josh - you're awesome! Screw these haters. Congrats on…

It worked, TBH, because none of the haters' tweets are up anymore:


Josh is clearly trying to rise above the haters, and proved just how happy he is by launching his own YouTube channel. His first video is a vlog all about his wedding, and it's precious:

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It's cute and lovely and doesn't mention anything about the Drake drama at all.

So it's officially time to bury all the *drama* — Josh is happy, Drake is (kinda) over it, and we'll always have Drake & Josh reruns.

The end.

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