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    Jamie Lynn Spears' Managers Had To Force Her To Audition For "Twilight"

    "I'm not playing a vampire."

    It's hard to picture anyone but Kristen Stewart playing Bella Swan in Twilight now, but back in 2006, actors Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, and Michelle Trachtenberg auditioned for the iconic role.

    Bella Swan in Twilight

    Of course there was no Bella in Forks for Lily, but there was eventually Emily in Paris. And there'd probably be no Katniss Everdeen or Georgina Sparks as we know them, so all's well that ends well.

    And in a new interview with Nylon, Jamie Lynn Spears revealed that she also auditioned for the role — even though she really didn't want to.

    “They had to force me. Force me," she said, speaking of her managers. “I remember just thinking like, ‘Y’all are insane. I’m not playing a vampire. That is so stupid. Why would I do that?’ But I went and read for that role."

    Edward and Bella in Twilight with Edward saying, "Say It"

    "I remember sitting in this little room, and I think Lily Collins was there, and I felt so sick. Little did I know, I was pregnant.”

    Earlier this year, Jamie Lynn also spoke about her Twilight audition and thinking a vampire movie was "stupid" on Maria Menounos' YouTube show Better Together, concluding: “That just shows how much I knew. Those types of things, you just have to laugh at.”


    Fortunately, everything worked out just fine for Jamie Lynn, who's gearing up to release a remix of the immensely popular Zoey 101 theme song "Follow Me":

    How it started: How it’s going: #Zoey101 #FollowMeZoey101

    In conclusion:

    A picture of the baseball scene from twilight with the caption: "If you wanna play, come and play today, let's just get away
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    For Jamie Lynn's full interview with Nylon, click here.

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