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    Uhhhh Ivanka Trump Guest-Starred On "Gossip Girl"?!

    Jared Kushner was there too...

    Sometimes when you're rewatching a classic on Netflix, you suddenly notice something that makes you go, "WAIT, WTF?"

    Like, you're watching Gossip Girl Season 4 and you're up to an episode called "Easy J" and Serena's all into this professor guy at the moment...

    ...and then this happens:

    Jared and Ivanka were on Gossip Girl in 2010 and I need everyone on the earth to know it

    Yup, there's Jared Kushner presenting an award at a fictitious New York Observer party:

    And there's Ivanka in the crowd:

    The first time you saw it, you probably shrugged it off. After all, it's not entirely shocking to see RICH NYC PEOPLE on a show about RICH NYC PEOPLE.

    But now, it's totally bizarre seeing them casually cameo on a hit CW show a mere seven years ago...

    Life is weird, Sad Serena. Life is weird.