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Woah, It Turns Out Jessica Biel Is Actually Very Funny And Goofy

This might be Hollywood's best kept secret!

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This is Jessica Biel: Actress. Mom. Justin Timber-Wife.

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

But did you know she's also pretty funny? I was minding my own business scrolling through her Twitter feed and my body started involuntarily convulsing. Wait. Was I...laughing? OMG, yes I was really really laughing. I was not expecting it. But, oh boy, it happened. Here's why:

1. The Spoon On Nose

When you only have five minutes to eat during a photo shoot, this is a very professional thing to do for at least h…

Some people think a spoon is something that you use to eat, but not Jessica. Jessica sees a spoon and thinks, "Gee, I wonder if I can balance that on my nose?" and guess what: SHE FUCKING CAN.

2. The Nose-Sized Breadsticks

If they serve nose-sized breadsticks at a party do they think I’m NOT going to do this?

Wow, Jessica just loves her nose, doesn't she?! Seriously how did they NOT think she was going to do this? Don't they know the old expression, "Give a Biel some breadsticks..."

3. The Ellen Dance:

Witness the longest minute of my life... #TBT @TheEllenShow

One time Jessica Biel had to dance for a full minute on Ellen while she was wearing a shiny green blazer and flare jeans so I went out and bought a shiny green blazer and flare jeans.

4. The Visible Tan Lines

Throwing it back to when the season’s hottest accessories were visible tan lines and a general look of confusion.…

You may not have known this, but Jessica simply does not take herself too seriously. Here she pokes fun at this very *chic* 2000s look.

5. The "Taste The Rainbow"

Instagram: @jessicabiel

Here's why this is funny: Jessica isn't REALLY eating a rainbow here, but she's positioned her mouth to LOOK like she is. You see?

6. The Dinosaur Shoes

Prehistoric pumps by Dino Blahnik. #momlife #partytime #momchella

Isn't it frustrating when your kid spills his plastic dinosaurs all over your Manolos? Don't worry, Jessica's here to commiserate.

7. The Lace Face Mask

Night of the living lace face mask...happy Friday the 13th!

Apparently, lace face masks are a real thing for fancy people. Are they kinda silly? Sure! But, as I'm finding out, silly is a Biel specialty.

8. The 420 Celebration

Shout out to White Castle employees working OT today. Happy 420!

LOL Jessica. LOL.

9. The Windy Hair

You might think Jessica Biel always has perfect hair, but that is just not the case. Stars! They're just like us! Their hair gets blown in the wind!

10. The Jeopardy Clue

Alex, I'll take me for 100. #jeopardy

Alex, I'll take hehehe for 100.

11. The 7th Heaven Throwback

#TBT to when @beverleymitchel and I were wayyy ahead of this whole flower crown thing. #7thHeaven

Remember when Jessica got her start playing Mary on 7th Heaven and no offense Snapchat and Coachella but she basically invented flower crowns, byeeeee.

12. The Couple That Goofs Together Stays Together

Instagram: @jessicabiel

Come to think of it, it makes sense that Jessica is pretty goofy because her hubby is rather goofy himself. And if you find someone to hold your cape while you stuff your face, I'm pretty sure that means you found your soulmate.

Thanks for all the LOLs, J. Biel.

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