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For Anyone Who's Still Not Over Mufasa's Death In "The Lion King"


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Hi, hello, welcome. Let's travel back to a time when we were all still innocent. The day was June 15, 1994, and this cool new Disney movie called The Lion King was in theaters.

*NANTS INGONYAMA BAGITHI BABAAAAAAA* Five seconds in and my five-year-old self is already fucking SOLD on this movie. Look at these beautiful animals! This is going to be such a joyful family film experience!

And then Mufasa looks at his brother with so much pain in his eyes it is literally making me tear up just thinking about it. He is SO GOOD and SO PURE and his whole world is shattered because in this moment he's just been betrayed by his BLOOD RELATIVE.

A lot of stuff happens, but he's convinced to return to his home after he sees GHOST MUFASA in the sky. And he realizes that his father will always be alive in spirit and it's so beautiful. It's actually the only thing that makes Mufasa's death just a little less painful.

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