Yes, Lili Reinhart Knows How Much She Looks Like Brittany Murphy

    "There are a lot of pictures of us side by side where we look crazy–alike..."

    Last night, Riverdale star Lili Reinhart made her dazzling Met Gala debut with Cole Sprouse and they looked friggin' stunning together.

    Anyway, when the pics started going viral, the first reaction people had was "BUGHEAD IS REAL!" But the second was, "Ummm, Lili looks so much like Brittany Murphy in these photos."

    Is it just me or doesn’t Lili Reinhart look like a young Brittany Murphy in this picture.... 😳

    I can’t be the only one who sees the resemblance between Lili Reinhart and Brittany Murphy

    I’ve seen so many people on Twitter say that Lili looks like Brittany Murphy tonight. ✨

    It was even the top comment on our Facebook post about them:

    For reference, here's a photo of the late Brittany Murphy at a premiere in 2006:

    And here's a side-by-side of Lili and Brittany:

    Now, this isn't a *new* comparison. People have noticed that Lili bears a resemblance to Brittany for a long time now.

    In fact, it happens so much, Lili even mentioned it when she came into the BuzzFeed office late last year and I asked her who her celeb doppelgänger was:

    Everyone says Brittany Murphy — everyone. They think I’m her reincarnated. There are a lot of pictures of us side by side where we look crazy–alike. If you just google Lili Reinhart and Brittany Murphy, you’ll see it.

    It checks out — this is what the Google search yields:

    The point is, if you were staring at those pics last night and thinking about how much Lili looks like Brittany, you're not alone!