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    People Are Freaking Out Because They've Realized Sheriff Keller Is Hot AF

    Paging Sheriff DILF.

    There are many, many, hot parents on Riverdale — that's just a fact. I mean friggin' Mark Consuelos is on the show:


    But sometimes we are not born recognizing hotness, but hotness is thrust upon us (hehehe). Up until last night, Sheriff Keller was just a regular ole' dad character on the show. Certainly not bad looking by any means, but I wasn't like, "OH WOW LOOK AT SHERIFF KELLER" you know?


    And then something crazy happened while Veronica was stumbling around the Keller household lookin' for clues and all she found was THIS instead...

    ...and she was literally ALL OF US in this moment:


    People were losing their minds over this new revelation:

    When you realise sheriff Keller has been a secret hottie the whole time😩😻#Riverdale

    just have to take a moment to appreciate sheriff keller’s body. like OKAY #Riverdale

    Because, even though the guy's always been a dad...

    and just like that, Sheriff Keller jumps to the top of the #Riverdale Hot Dads List

    Kevin Keller’s dad is so my type. Sorry, not sorry. #Riverdale

    ...he has now officially been reigned the new DADDY.

    Shirtless Sheriff Keller on this weeks #Riverdale

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