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    Posted on Jan 11, 2018

    Holy Moly, I Just Realized Timothée Chalamet Played The Worst Character On "Homeland"

    He made Dana seem like a friggin' saint!

    So here I am on an ordinary morning, watching Timothée Chalamet YouTube videos AS ONE DOES and thinking to myself, "Where did this kid even come from? Or was he just an angel dropped on this Earth in 2017?"

    Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

    Anyways, I go to hit up his IMDB page and that's when I have the biggest AHA MOMENT of the year so far: He played Finn Walden on Homeland Season 2! Of-fucking-course he did!

    IMDB / Via

    You remember Finn Walden right? He's this kid:


    Yeah, that fucking kid. The vice president's son who dated Dana (also terrible!) and killed someone in a hit-and-run (wow, the worst!) and didn't want to tell anyone (scum of the friggin' Earth!) and then died in a fiery explosion (sad, but he was horrible!).


    And I'm not the only one finally making this connection:

    i just realised that timothée chalamet was that annoying kid in homeland???

    Only just realised that Timothée Chalamet was in Homeland! MIND BLOWN! @RealChalamet #CMBYN

    Can't believe Timothée Chalamet is the annoying teen from #Homeland season 2

    Of course, others have known this secret THIS WHOLE TIME:

    Just finished watching “Call Me By Your Name”—how Timothée Chalamet went from being part of one of my least favorit…

    Lady Bird is incredibly enjoyable. Best part is Timothee Chalamet just playing an older version of his Homeland rol…

    I followed Timothee Chalamet in like 2012 cuz I thought he was cute on Homeland and now he out here getting Golden…

    Shouts to Timothée Chalamet for helping me quit HOMELAND after S2. #GoldenGlobes

    Some people saw his *potential* all along:

    Nobody will ever believe this, but I pegged Timothee Chalamet as a star when he played the Veep's son on HOMELAND.

    Aww, he's come so far since those Homeland days! And also since the days when he spelled his name like this:


    THE END.


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