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    35 "Hocus Pocus 2" Details And Brilliant Callbacks That Prove This Is A Pretty Awesome Sequel

    I cannot believe we get to hear Sarah Sanderson flying and shouting, "Amok, amok, amok" in the year 2022.

    If you're like us, you've already watched Hocus Pocus 2 multiple times. The long-awaited sequel is an instant classic, and a perfect Halloween flick for both fans of the original and newcomers.

    The Sanderson sisters standing together with the caption "Spread out"

    Of course, if you're a massive fan of Hocus Pocus, you surely noticed a bunch of delightful callbacks, Easter eggs, and more nods to the original flick. Here's everything we spotted all in one place for your nostalgic enjoyment:

    1. For starters, the opening sequences of both films are very similar: They both show an overhead, sweeping view of Salem as something (or someone) flies across the screen.

    Overhead shots from both films, showing bodies of water, trees, and houses

    2. This is more of a fun detail than an Easter egg, but the actors who played young Winnie (Taylor Henderson), Mary (Nina Kitchen), and Sarah (Juju Journey Brener) absolutely nailed it, and we NEED to take a look at them side by side with their elder counterparts.

    The side-by-sides showing the actors with similar facial expressions

    3. Also, we finally got to see what dear, sweet Billy Butcherson looked like in his living form.

    Billy in a crowd in period costume and as a ghoul

    4. It turns out that Mother Witch (Hannah Waddingham) is the origin of the Sanderson sisters' whole "eating the souls of kids for the eternal youth and beauty" thing. You can hear her sing, "Come, Little Children" at the beginning of the film when the Sandersons first encounter her.

    The line "Come, little children, I'll take thee away into a land of enchantment" sung in each film

    5. Also, now that we've seen Mother Witch in Hocus Pocus 2, if you go back to the original film, it looks as if Dani's witch costume resembles Mother Witch.

    Both outfits include a high witch hat and a red-and-black costume

    6. Another major part of that opening encounter? We're reintroduced to Book! (Or should we say, "BOOOOOOOK!") You know, THE spell book that belongs to Winnie and the other Sanderson sisters. Of course, he comes to be a crucial part of the entire sequel.

    Mother Witch holding the book and then a close-up of the book

    7. When young Winifred first opens up Book, she reads "Cat Transformation spell," which is the spell she ultimately uses on Thackery Binx at the beginning of Hocus Pocus.

    In Hocus Pocus 2, the spell reads, "Twist the bones and bend the back; trim him of his baby fat; give him fur, black as black," and a black cat appears below

    8. If you look closely, when they're introduced, Becca, Izzy, and Cassie wear colors that mirror the Sanderson sisters' color scheme.

    Becca, Izzy, and Cassie as young girls and as the Sanderson sisters

    9. In present-day Salem, the Sanderson Witch Museum (formerly just their home) has been reopened as the Olde Salem Magic Shop run by Gilbert (Sam Richardson).

    The house looking desolate in the original movie and restored on a busy street in Hocus Pocus 2

    10. Gilbert tells a crowd at the shop that some people swear that on Halloween 29 years ago, they saw the Sanderson sisters. Of course, 29 years ago was 1993, and he's referring to the original plot of Hocus Pocus.

    Gilbert saying, "29 years ago, on Halloween night, some swear they saw three figures fly across the moon,"

    11. Also, Gilbert's recounting of the story of the Sanderson sisters is very similar to the beginning of Hocus Pocus, when Max and Alison's teacher is telling their story as well.

    Gilbert say if a virgin lights the candle on All Hallow's Eve with a full moon, the sisters will return to take revenge, and the teacher says that on Halloween night, a black cat guards the Sanderson house to warn anyone from making them come back to life

    12. There's a hilarious moment when a small child asks Gilbert, "What's a virgin?" Whitney Peak (Becca) told EW that the kid's mom is actually played by Hocus Pocus 2 writer Jen D'Angelo, who makes a cameo appearance.

    Gilbert tells the kid that a virgin is someone who has never lit a candle

    13. In fact, it turns out that Gilbert himself was present the night everything went down with Max, Alison, and Dani in 1993, and saw the Sanderson sisters right before they vanished at sunrise. If you look closely, you can see the silhouettes of Max, Alison, Dani, and Billy in that graveyard scene.

    Gilbert as a child looking shocked at the cemetery, and the silhouettes circled

    14. Gilbert also refers to Halloween 1993 not being a great year for him because a "bunch of bullies stole all his candy" — a reference to Jay and Ice in the original film.

    In the original, a child trick-or-treating is told, "Stop and pay the toll, kid"

    15. When Becca and Izzy spot Cassie on the billboard in town, you can actually see what looks like the Dennisons' family home from the original film behind Cassie in the photo.

    The home in the background of a political ad in Hocus Pocus 2

    16. When Becca and Izzy first encounter the Sanderson sisters, Mary talks about "the boys being in cages" and the "fake sunrise" that tricked them. These are obviously callbacks to what happened with Jay and Ice and then with Max, Alison, and Dani in Hocus Pocus.

    Mary talking to Izzy and Becca about the boys and the fake sunrise, and then a scene showing Jay in a cage from Hocus Pocus

    17. When the Sanderson sisters discover Walgreens, they need to acquire new modes of transportation. Mary hilariously decides to use robot vacuums, while Sarah is on a Swiffer. This is a fun callback to when they used a good old-fashioned 1993-era vacuum and mop in the first film.

    The sisters in the Walgreens aisle with the caption, "Bats and beetles, find something, anything, we must fly" and Swiffer, versus the mop and vacuum cleaner in the original

    18. When the Sanderson sisters enter Gilbert's shop for the first time, Sarah remarks that her rat tails are missing. In Hocus Pocus, the first thing she found in the cottage when they returned were her lucky rat tails.

    The sisters with the caption "Where are all the cobwebs and my rat tails?" and Sarah saying "My lucky rat tail; just where I left it!"

    19. Sarah mistakes Gilbert's cat Cobweb for Thackery Binx, saying, "The Binx boy, he lives?" and Winifred swears it's really Thackery.

    Sarah asking the question and a close-up of a black cat

    20. At one point, Gilbert suggests the Sanderson sisters try a calming circle, which is something Mary mentioned in the first movie.

    The reference to the "calming circle" in each film

    21. When Winifred reads the spell, Sarah remarks that they aren't allowed in a sacred place, which we learned about in Hocus Pocus when Binx told Max, Alison, and Dani to hide in the graveyard.

    Caption of Hocus Pocus, showing a black cat: "It's hallowed ground; witches can't set foot here"

    22. At the town fair, Mayor Traske (Tony Hale) stands in line in front of a couple wearing a devil costume and a robe and curlers. This is, of course, a callback to Garry and Penny Marshall's cameo in the first movie.

    The couple behind the mayor circled and then seen in the original

    23. In fact, later in the movie, we see someone watching this exact scene in Hocus Pocus. Which means Hocus Pocus THE MOVIE exists in the Hocus Pocus 2 universe.

    Garry and Penny seen on a TV screen and watched by two guys siting on a couch as Winifred watches through a window

    24. As in the original movie, the Sandersons perform a song to put the townspeople into a trance. Originally it was "I Put a Spell on You," and this time it was "One Way or Another." But the "spell" portion of the song used the same lyrics: "Ah say into pi alpha mabi upendi."

    The sisters in each scene

    25. When everyone in town is under the Sanderson sisters' spell and they dance through town, you can see that someone is dressed up as Madonna. This is a nod to Hocus Pocus when Dani and Max's mom went as Madonna for Halloween too.

    Someone dressed as Madonna circled in Hocus Pocus 2

    26. The girls rely on a circle of salt as a way to keep the Sanderson sisters contained, which is a nod to the way Alison handled them in the first movie.

    From Hocus Pocus 2: "The salt blocks dark magic; seeing as you're basically dark magic in human form, you're trapped"

    27. When the Sanderson sisters run into Becca again, Mary can't remember her name, and she actually gives Becca the same nickname she gave Dani in the original movie.

    Becca is called "Shish-ka baby" in both films

    28. When Mayor Traske's car pulls into the garage, the Sandersons mistake the headlights for sunrise. This is a nod to the way that Max, Alison, and Dani tricked them into believing car headlights were actually the sunrise in Hocus Pocus.

    The sisters reacting to the headlights: "The sun! Oh no, I don't wanna die!"

    29. And when they realize it's actually a car, Mary says, "Oopsie, my mistake, it's just a very small bus." The Sandersons famously learned what a bus was in an iconic scene in the original flick.

    The bus driver saying, "I call it a bus" and the sisters look at him

    30. Sarah Sanderson uses her hilarious catchphrase "Amok, amok, amok" once again when the sisters fly off to try to find Book at their cottage.

    The sisters flying with "Oh, amok, amok, amok, amok" as the caption

    31. We finally get more of Billy's backstory. In the original, Billy is called Winifred's "unfaithful lover," whom she poisoned after he cheated on her with Sarah. However, Billy uses Hocus Pocus 2 to set things straight — he says he and Winnie only kissed ONE TIME, a fact that Gilbert later promises to clear up for everyone.

    Caption from original movie: "Billy Butcherson was Winifred's lover, but she found him sporting with her sister Sarah, so she poisoned him and sewed his mouth shut with a dull needle"

    32. You might have noticed that in Hocus Pocus 2, Mary's mouth skews to the left instead of the right. This actually isn't a continuity error — the reason for the change is that Kathy Najimy literally couldn't hold her mouth in that same position anymore.

    Showing the different directions in the two movies

    33. In fact, Mary's mouth skewing the opposite way is explained very early in the film, when Winifred slaps Mary during their opening song and her mouth switches direction.

    Mary's mouth changing direction after the slap

    34. At the end of the film, Becca, Izzy, and Cassie walk off the same way the Sanderson sisters do.

    The three walking away down a dark street

    35. And finally, ICYMI, there's a post-credits scene that potentially teases even MORE Hocus Pocus goodness to come.

    Did you catch any other Easter eggs or cool callbacks? Tell us everything in the comments below!

    Hocus Pocus 2 is streaming now on Disney+.